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Received a $15 check from GE Money Bank

I received a check for $15 from GE Money Bank. I don't have an account with this bank. A note at top of the check reads: Controlled Disbursment Bank of America, N.A. In the explanation page there is a note with the follwoing: Based on a review we have made a credit adjustment to your account because of a zero balance. Attached is a check. Thank you for your business. I have an account with Bank of America so it almost looks legit. However; howmany credit card companies today will simply send money to their members?? I beleive this may be a scam to open an account by cashing this check. There is no way I will cash this check. Beware!!
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gave me cehck from synchrony for 40,305 dollars it was the same amount as the intreast i paid for care credit over 10 years i had to call bank for info if i could cash it or not both synchrony and the bank said its not a scam i cashed it and have no issues for last 2 years i still have 35,049 in bank savings account

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I just received a check for 3300 from my Honda card aka GE aka Synchrony bank ... some kind of bankruptcy thing..

not saying much just a check and last 4 of my old Honda card number ....

I think it's legit I'm gonna cash it tomorrow ...


What happened with this. I received the same and scared to cash it.


We have a Synchrony account. Called, wasn't them.

Searched online, a few people were saying it was Toys R Us.

We have a Toys R Us credit card. Called them, sure enough, it was Toys R Us..


My husband received a check from Synchrony Bank today 5/26/2015 for over $1,000.00 and it's looks too good to be true. Tomorrow he is going in to the bank of America branch because this check says (controlled disbursement Bank of America, N.A.) Maybe they can clear this up for us and avoid fraud of any sort.


Got a check in the mail today with the same information wondering if it turn out to be fraud or not?


I got same kind of check for 215.00 n I shred it. No way they just send a check no letter or anything with it


The checks from Syncrony bank are actually coming from GE Capital (which has not changed its name to Syncrony Bank). The check seems to be a refund check on overpayment of GE Capital accounts.


I received one from Synchrony Bank out of Atlanta for $23.86 today 3/21/15. It was accompanied by a letter staying it was a refund check from my account. In sending it to the attorney general's office.

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