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Rouhfar Dental Megasoft - Rouhfar Dental (Megasoft) charged me up front for services and will not coordinate w/ insurance

Went to Leyla Rouhfar Dental in Remond Wa after moving here from India. I paid my money up front for services as I was told that is requuired and they will refund me after working with insurance. They have their money and will not reply to refund me and say they don't have to. I am new to area and really upset about this experience with dentists and feel like money has been taken from me. This was a bad visit for me, Rouhfar Dental (Megasoft) charged me up front for services and will not coordinate with insurance comp.
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Yes!!! they offer terrible customer service to begin with and they lie about $57 charge for "hygiene instruction." They tell you it is not covered by insurance when it actually is.

They just don't write it off like most dentists do because they want the money to come out of patient's pockets. I know this because I've spoken with other dental offices and spoken with insurance. All other dentists do not charge for this. There is some bad business going on in this office.

Plus I agree I had the same experience. I went for a visit and was told I needed more work than I actually did. I got a second opinion and they told me I didn't need that much work.

They just want your money. The dentist could use some happy pills and learn to provide good customer service.


Doctor Arifa Rahman messed up my teeth completely after my filling replacement, so now I need a root canal and crown on my teeth. Doctor Rahman also messed up my husband’s filings, and his fillings kept falling out 6 times.

We are submitting a formal complaint to the American Dental Association on this clinic. As a result of Doctor Rahman’s incompetence, we suffered from needless pains and wasted more than a thousand dollars getting other dentists to repair the damages.


I agree that Rouhfar Dental is not great- they told me I needed a lot of work and when I got a second opinion it was not true! Total rip off. Do not go there.


so, let me get this straight.

You are upset because they charged you for their services?

Welcome to America. Perhaps you should try a free clinic.

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