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Norwalk Sheriffs Station - Norwalk sheriffs have no shame the way you are treated.

why do sheriffs act as if they can do no wrong, i was just minding my own business along with a good friend of mine, mr john wolf, when out of no were there sheriff police cars come racing with there guns brandished pointed directly at us as we were told to freeze don't move, we were just coming from johns house cause we were seniors at santa fe high school when we were frightented to death, apparently we look like the subjects that were described to then, we are obviously school boy going to the shakeys to eat dinner, the sheriffs did not even apologize for threatening us at point blank with there handguns, i wanted to be a law enforcement agent till this occurred, i want to identify all the wrong doing that the norwalk sheriffs have done to me since i am currently a great security officer and i have been doing just ok for my self, i mean its some what meaningful to me to treat everyone with respect, and never base anything on assuming, well like i was saying, all you ever hear is when the sheriffs do something kind but what if its bad i mean lets look at a good deputy, mark christianson, a highly respectable detective that gathers the facts there has only been a very few that i have met that have made that difference, the norwalk sheriffs had taken one thing near and dear to me, the image of truth and honest justice, these knew deputies have no self respect to assume that everyone is bad till proven innocent, i have felt so much anger for this agency cause they assume an image of stupidity, they don't go the extra mile before assuming to mirandize you, i wish that one day i can see my local law enforcement group in a different light but till then i can only pray that i can walk down the street without being harassed by the sheriffs of norwalk....
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:grin Great story. Awesome.

Good to know. I'm driving through Downey. Maybe I'll move. Get a life.

How did I find this web page. What a waste of time. Get a job. Go back to school.

Adult school. On excelsior.

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