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I was arrested in April 2010 by officer DEPUTY SYLVIA MORENO BADGE no #483164 NORWALK SHERIFFS 12335 CIVIC CENTER DR.IN NORWALK CALIFORNIA Because my boyfriend grabbed me hard on the arms slapped me on the face and poked me on the chest 4 times. All I was trying to do was get away from him.Because his attitude was escalating to more aggressiveness more abuse.So I called 911 for my protection but instead DEPUTY MORENO ARRESTED ME she asked me questions then she intimidated me making me say that I provoked him and that I slapped my boyfriend first.I told her that he was drinking and u could come in my house and see how much many cans that he drank but she said no. And that he called me names and grabbed me first hard on the arm just because I was trying to get away from him and then I try getting the phone to call 911 so he got more angry and grabbed my other arm violently took the phone from me then he slapped me on the face.Moreno asked him questions my boyfriend did admit to what he did to me but instead she arrested me she should have arrested him too. I also know that Moreno worked with him once maybe she favored him or DEPUTY MORENO HAD A CRUSH ON HIM.But this is neglect of her duty and dishonesty because he admitted to the other officers what abuse he inflicted on me that accompanied her. Also she let my boyfriend drive intoxicated and without a license. When DEPUTY MORENO arrested and handcuffed me I was complying and I not being aggressive with her in no way shape or form all I did was turn around to look at her to say please please don't leave my kids alone let the father stay with them then she kicked my legs aggressively spread apart wanting to throw me on the floor.I told Moreno about his drinking she said that you can't get arrested for drinking. I also said that he abusies the kids and Moreno said theirs nothing I could do about it. SYLIVA MORENO has no experience in domestic violence situations obviously she never been abused and she does not have kids. OFFICER OR DUPUTY ITS ALL THE SAME SHE LACKS TRAINING IN PSYCHOLOGY AND NOT JUST INTRODUCTION.I never been in jail before I don't drink or do drugs and I don't have a short temper and I get along with my neighbors no matter how they act with me I will still get along with them. Can somebody out there tell me what I can do about this cop.
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This is exactly the problem with police officers now. They have a high school education at most.

Oh and a little training academy. And it is ashamed that they harass and falsely convict innocent scholars and professionals with real jobs and everyone has lost respect for them with very good logical reason. The best cops we had were back in the 70's when some chiefs of police required higher education like an associates degree at least so they have at least 2 cents in their repressed brains. What happened was what u are thinking we couldnt find enough cops.

Don't forget everyone that this country operates at an 8th grade reading level. Who know what level of reasoning that would be.

Cops are for the most part pigs in a metaphorical sense but I'm sure they don't taste as good as bacon. my advice only party in Vegas and never call the cops on anyone.


Get a lawyer and settle it in court. You're innocent until proven guilty.

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