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i went to mcdonalds today and i got myself a bigmac combo with a root beer i opened the bag and to my surprise there was no straw in the bag so i had to drink my rootbeer without a straw!!!!! how am i sopose to drink my rootbeer without a straw what a rip off i looked all around for an hour for a straw but was unsuccesfull by the time i got to drink my rootbeer it was warm what a shame i will never eat at macdonalds again what kind of retaurant does this kind of thing
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OMG they forgot your straw, how will you function, the person who forgot your straw should be shot at a shooting range and have to pay for your the shrink you see since this will haunt you for the rest of your life.


" i will never eat at macdonalds again "

You will now live allot longer


OMG! I cant believe I wasted my time reading your tirade.

How childish is that! So they forget a straw, just smile and DEAL WITH IT!!!!!


Excuse me but she still needs a straw since she is only six years old she may spill. Just look at her horrible spelling. Clearly this is a child who is too young to drink without a sippy cup or straw.


You must be kidding! Haven't you ever made a mistake or forgotten anything? What an ***!!


You are a ***.


i bet you had another intention for the straw and it had nothing to do wihd drinking your rootbear

joe attorney if he lives in north america like most of the poster including me he just may be able to sue for this as you claim as much as your joking.


i went back today and coplained they gave me a free meal so now im good mcdonalds is great


I think you should file a law suite and collect for damages. This must be good for at least a million.


are you for real? OMG THEY FORGOT THE STRAW THE STRAW! you know you can *** the lid and drink it like a big kid

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