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LLumina Press won't publish my book after 5 1/2 months

Since I am in Calif., 3 hours earlier than Fla., I have consistently replied to Llumina in the evening so they could have the response when the business opened the next morning. When they finally acknowledged it was not possible to provide my original and ongoing request for larger, wider spaced lines with wider letter spacing, and right justification without excessive hyphenation, I e-mailed explaining how to do that computer process. I have never been involved in the publishing business, but I spent weeks asking questions and doing research to find the answers. Thurs. night I e-mailed my offer to fix the book myself, since they were not able to accommodate my requests: "I am available for Llumina to hire me to do the formatting on my book. I have learned how to edit/format a 6x9 book with equal spacing, left and right justification, and no awkward hyphenating. Llumina would have to finish with the page naming and numbering aspect of the formatting process and your final preparations work for printing." I included a comparison between the Llumina process and the one I learned. The Publishers I contacted, were not willing to share their "secrets" with me, so while it's not perfect, it is much more professional than the current Page 65 in the proof book that I paid to have sent to me. Page 65 of the book shows 8, end of the line, hyphenated words. The built-in Microsoft Word free computer paragraph program I learned, eliminates that problem: According to the Publisher Standards Board: Among these misleading books publishing companies are: "¢ AuthorHouse "¢ E-BookTime "¢ Infinity Publishing "¢ iUniverse "¢ Llumina Press "¢ Magic Valley Publishers "¢ Tate Publishing Since Llumina is saying they can't provide the book in the agreed upon format, it's time to come to an agreement and stop this time wasting of the past 5 1/2 months! There is no way they could know what I received in e-mail and in postal mail. Therefore, what they think they sent to me is a non-issue. The only real issue at this time is to immediately refund my money or provide me with the agreed upon book and fulfillment services.
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Now - 4 yrs. after my loss of over $1,200 to Lumina Press, there are ways to self publish IF the writer can handle the computer processing and IF the writer wants to store and sell the books.

That process includes shipping and handling.

Print on Demand takes over after the writer is finished with the creative work.

An Author has to do the marketing no matter which method is chosen to publish a manuscript.

Can you do it all yourself? I can't.


Any company that wants money for publishing you is a fake scam vanity publisher and you can self publish for free with kobo writing life.


:p I agree and it is too bad when we get scammed by people you listed. I got it too by one on your list.

But when you stand up and say something they turn it around to your not being professional.

all we want is what we paid for.

I paid for a publicist who can't seem to do their wonder it is through one on your list. God help them.

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