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Hustler Hollywood - Horrible treatment.

First of all I would like to start off by saying I love the Hustler store and shop there frequently spending a lot of my hard earned money on the beautiful items I purchased from the store. No tonight was a different kind of night and I received Heynis treatment at your West Covina store at around 10:00 PM me and my girlfriend arrived at the store to shop for costumes and work clothes, while in the store a customer service member by the name of Anna approached me and explained that my mask was not on correctly I asked if by chance they happen to have a extra she said no rudely ! I then removed it and put on a different one on aAs Im shopping and browsing through the store I decide to pick a spot near the shoe section where Im going to look through my little basket and do a little pile of for sure keeps and maybes referring to the items in my basket, before I even had a chance to blink or even really actually start going through the basket again the customer service representative named Anna approaches with a very rude attitude grabbed one of my items I had to place in the book shelf and said . Your making my job hard by not putting this back ! Well she obviously didnt know that I still may have one in the item I wasnt given the chance or opportunity as she walked up to the front I then said is this the way you treat your loyal customers ?because I love this store amd your not making me feel welcomed at all :( then she said literally turned into a scene out of pretty women and her amd her sister Jocelyn yelled across the store at me to leave ????? Mind you there were several other customers in the store as it was now 11:00 pm amd they were starting to close up a whole hour before we have the right to refuse service so you need to leave yelling it enough for other customers to hear as well and I felt pretty embarrassing as some ppl just left the store at that point . as I didnt feel anything other then sheer mistreatment and shock as the two girls snickered to each other clearly indiscernible Totally discriminating me as Im very well put together from head to toe and am actuially take pride in how I present myself, i promote and tag hustler lingerie in many of d my pictures and blogs . I cannot express enough how completely wrong they were and how disgusting they were treating me a good customer . I have never been asked to leave a store in my entire life as I do you pride myself on being a very kind person not only was I shocked at the treatment totally disheartened by the entire ordeal and humiliated in front of other people I dont know and when I asked the girls for their names they didnt want to disclose that information to me and I had to then demand at the front desk that they give me their names as you can pull the video footage I wrote down the names and then proceeded to leave as they were cussing and saying derogatory comments totally unprofessional it was so outrageous that at one point I thought someone was gonna pop out and tell me it was some type of joke or trick or some type of game show thats how outrageous this event was as I also wasted my time and wasnt able to purchase all the things I wanted I wasnt able to purchase anything and Im a very busy person and drove a far away just to come to that store because usually Im treated so kindly and Im helped and its a win-win for everyone but tonight it was a lose lose for everyone even people who dont even know me random customers left after hearing this vulgar treatment .especially for such an intimate store setting. It was distasteful and unacceptable. All the while I had already spent about an hour and a half browsing and gathering a good couple hundred dollars on this very quick stop in that I was doing since I never leave that store without spending at least $300 to 400 $ rI wish someone would pull that video tape footage and see the absolute bullying way that they treated me maybe its because they were not dressed appropriate for working there or maybe it was just the sheer rudeness me and my friend encountered . Either way I dont wish that on anyone that anyone will be treated so poorly especially somebody like me who is kind and has never been in this kind of situation before yes I did indeed stand up for myself as I believed was right but in the end I left with nothing in my hands just feeling hurt and embarrassed because I just have no idea what I did wrong to be treated like that.

User's recommendation: Do not deal with Anna or Jocelyn they lack sincere abilities to work in customer service. They will talk about you behind your back as a customer they will not offer you any help while in the store and if you’re good looking in pretty forget it you’re definitely going to be getting bullied there by them.

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West Covina, California
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I would like to be apologized to and maybe a gift card to come back as I love hustler and can’t believe they would hire people who have no respect or customer t experience at all… Absolutely none