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Scam telemarketers

First Union Lending #1503106
Anton Aleric Ewing – AKA’s Anton Ewing, Anthony Ewing, Tony Smith, Tony Stark, Toni SmithinsonMr. Ewing has also been on the vexatious litigators list (which means he filed so many frivolous lawsuits which caused nothing but time and loss to the court system, that they barred him from filing lawsuits. Unfortunately, the list expired and he is now up to his old ways again.His idea is to extort money from companies by threatening with lawsuits, in this case, telemarketing. He somehow gets his phone numbers added to call lists and then threatens to sue the people who call him.He settles most cases out of court because he is extremely good at scaring people (note his complaints) before getting to court. He has sued over 50 people. Has 12 open cases in court right now. Has listed 8 defendants in the case he filed against First Union, whom First Union has no affiliation with whatsoever.Ewing has never spoken to Dennis Arroyo (in compliance) nor has he spoken to Dennis Cage (underwriter). In fact the only communication Mr. Ewing has had with First Union is via an email starting with info@. He certainly has not been in communication with any owner.Mr. Ewing is committing crimes simply by t...
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