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Class Action Lawsuit filed against Aspen Dental

Today, 10/18/2012 a class action lawsuit was file against Aspen Dental in The United States District Court of the Northern District of New York. It on record under the following case number and information: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTNORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Plaintiffs Carol Treiber, Leslie Talman, Lori Slauter, Rodney Herring, PatriciaHuddleston, Carl Dorsey, Irene Evers, Kathryn Hovland, Isabelle Reali, GeraldineLangford, and Troy Fulwood by their undersigned attorneys, bring this class actioncomplaint against defendants Aspen Dental Management, Inc., Robert A. Fontana, andLeonard Green & Partners, L.P (collectively, "Defendants"). Plaintiffs' allegations arebased upon knowledge as to their own acts and upon information and belief as to all othermatters. Plaintiffs' information and belief is based upon, among other things, anextensive investigation undertaken by their attorneys. NATURE OF THE ACTION1. This is a class action against Aspen Dental Management, Inc. ("ADMI")for violations of New York General Business Law §§ 349, 350 ("GBL"), breach ofCAROL TREIBER, LESLIE TALMAN, LORISLAUTER, RODNEY HERRING, PATRICIAHUDDLESTON, CARL DORSEY, IRENEEVERS, KATHRYN HOVLAND, ISABELLEREALI, GERALDINE LANGFORD, andTROY FULWOOD, On Behalf of Themselvesand All Others Similarly Situated,Plaintiffs,-against-ASPEN DENTAL MANAGEMENT, INC.,ROBERT A. FONTANA, and LEONARDGREEN & PARTNERS, L.P.,Defendants.CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT3:12-CV-1565[DNH/ATB]Case 3:12-cv-01565-DNH-ATB Document 1 Filed 10/18/12 THANK YOU TO ALL THE PATIENTS WHO CAME FORWARD WITH THEIR TRAGIC SITUATIONS AND ASSITED IN THE FILING OF THE CASE. Nancy M. LeathersParalegal/Private Investigator/Consumer Advocate
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I left aspen Because of their unethical conduct They ripped the public off.


How can I get involved over 15, 000 and teeth that cant be worn


lol I think I'd jump with my baby from the closest wodinw wallaHI am being sarcastic 1. Mabrouk for receiving the Super Brand thing although working in PR Marketing I know for a fact that spending that much on advertising and again sending freebies to bloggers then making sure they get the best for superlative positive PR akeed will land you this title dear since our company has one FYI, not treatment wise because again, we know 2. Real client satisfaction is measured randomly and if you want I would refer you to one of your own patients who's clearly not satisfiedand une autre fois, merci pour ta response et bonne chance cherie.


Reminder: Please contact me at researchpartners@***.net if you are interested in joining the lawsuit.


:? I just got fitted for the dentures, teeth pulled, given the temporary dentures and told the permanent will be fitted in 6 months after gums will heal.

What is my chance they will still be open 6 monyhs from now? Panicing Bobby


Who knows? Companies like that may disappear with patients money... :zzz


Good luck with getting your dentures in six months...I am now at almost nine months and still no joy. They've had to remake both uppers and lowers twice so far and still have not delivered a useable set.

Also, one of my bottom teeth (they left six bottom front to hold a bottom partial) had to be "prepped" for my partial. That tooth is now very painfully sensitive to hot and cold. Both my discomfort and fear of the need for a future root canal that I'll have to pay for have been "poo pooed" as no infection shows on the xrays. Of course, no one wants to acknowledge that I have a right to be upset...or talk about the fact that they have had 100% of their money before a single procedure was done.

Actually, they overcharged me $2000 - and they did reimburse that amount; but that doesn't account for the credit card interest I paid for six months before they returned it.

Not a happy customer...they did not give me back my smile. :sigh


To Daryl from Indiana: You are correct. You can read our Complaint online.

It states all of the reasons including illegal business practices for the suit. I have spent over 2 years researching and gathering the plaintiffs and they all had the same situation.

Aspen Dental should be forced to close. Hopefully a jury will agree.


The purpose of this lawsuit is to protect the public from injury and fraud and to punish the party doing so. Our Plaintiffs have not neglected their teeth for years.

They all have the same story. Hours and hours of research by myself shows Aspen Dental responsible for bad business practice and malpractice. A trial by jury will decide.

Go to the court and read the Complaint before making unsubstantiated accusations. There are laws in this Country, and Aspen Dental has to abide by them.


Please check also how they "treat" employees. I had to leave Aspen Dental, because they said that another dentist buys the office and they gave me a strange "written"( it's their favorite).

They told me that I can use my vacation only if I tell them 2 month in advance, but they lied to me. I found out that in 2 weeks in advance. So they didn't pay off my vacation. They force me to leave and I lost my benefits.

Another investigation should be done, and employees who suffer of Aspen Dental have to receive back what they lost.

It's just against the law what they do in the Company.

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Update by user May 20, 2013

Please email me at nancyleaathers1@***.net if you want to join the lawsuit. I am having problems posting replies on this site.

Thank you.

Original review posted by user Jul 17, 2012
Attention all former patients of Aspen Dental. We are very close to completing our preparation for a Complaint to be filed against Aspen Dental. A class action lawsuit is being filed shortly and if you want to join the suit we are accepting Plaintiffs from the following states: Tennessee Rhode Island Washington Iowa *** PLEASE EMAIL ME AT RESEARCHPARTNERS@***.NET*** Nebraska New Hampshire Ohio South Carolina Vermont Oregon I am a paralegal and private investigator working with the lawfirm on this case. It is our goal to hold them responsible for their actions. They have caused pain and suffering, both physical and monetary to many consumers. If you are from the above states, please email me. We need your help. Nancy M. Leathers, PI Researchpartners@***.net
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I am very interested in getting a class action going in Florida. I have told the office of my issues and responded to a "survey" sent about my experience and requested to be contacted by the company, but never get a response.

I did not give them a good review. Still nothing. Went back with complaints of severe pain and the most I get is another prescription for antibiotics. I now have chronic infection since their work.

And unbearable pain in my face as well as the teeth. They have washed their hands of me and left me in much worse condition since visiting their office. This is my third go round of antibiotics!

And I have no way to fix the problems they left me with. I had NONE of these issues when I walked in the door.


All interested parties in joining the lawsuit, please email me at nancyleathers1@***.net




What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so crlelay


Just to clarify I have 2 email addresses.

The other is



Would Patty Stechcon and Renda Erdely please send me your email address so I can discuss your case with you. nancyleathers1@***.netThank you.


Well started in Feb hoping to have a great smile , payed up front for all ,hoping to be smiling quicker, boy did I get a great surprise 8 months later,either it was broke didn't fit always a problem,just imagine eating in a public place for 8 months with no teeth as you no could not chew food up at all the way just don't no what I am going to do,still do not have my permanent dentures ,have alot more things to say about this but better stop for now,but I am a very unhappy camper Need Help


The class action lawsuit was filed yesterday in The United States District Court of the Northern District of New York. I have posted the information in another updated post.


we have also had problems with aspen dental. we paid up front and I had to call our dental insurance company to get aspen to file a claim, that was 3-4 months later than service date.

they also kept insurance claim money and they threatened to send us to the credit beaurea for a small balance. almost 7500.00 is a lot for dentures


Hello Folks:

This is an update on the class-action lawsuit. We are no longer taking claims due to the suit being filed soon.

After the suit is filed you will all be contacted.

It is class-action suit intended to penalize Aspen Dental and make them accountable for their actions. Thank you to all who participated in making this happen.

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Private Investigator/Consumer Advocate taking action against Aspen Dental for fraudulent diagnosis

I am in the process of having Aspen Dental investigated in RI and attempting to have the entire franchise investigated based on the complaints here. My complaint is they mislead patients and misdiagnos them for the benefit of monetary gratification and are in violation of the ADA Code of Ethic, more specifically Code 5.A and 5.B.6. I will repost the results when more progress is reached. I went to my prior dentist and they did the same testing and report I do not have to have a scaling done and my gums are in healthy condition. They even refused to clean my teeth unless I have this procedure done which is not needed. I'm not letting this go. People are having it hard enough surviving without be ripped off by their dentist.
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You can contact me at researchpartners@***.net

I will arrange for you to speak to the attorney handling the class action lawsuit and if possible you can join the lawsuit.

I am the paralegal working with the attorney on this case.

Thank you,

Nancy M. Leathers, PI


im a disabled and they have taken my savings fixing then getting me to refix the stuff they had already fixed ,,i had several teeth they had me fill then from 2 days to 6 months had then fall out ,,,the one filling that did stay in they wanted to take it out and there is nothing wrong with that tooth ,,,,i brush everyday rinse ,they are not neglected ,,,,i had to save off things i had collected through the years to try and keep up ,,now i have alot of teeth gone front filling out and a back tooth half gone thanks to them ,, I live in alabama now but did live in ga ,,my funds are all gone and i hate my smile so i dont leave the house ,,someone needs to do something ,,on top of all that they used my medicaid and united insurance ,, FRAUDS,,, Todd Hunt


Yeah i feel ya. Im in the same boat i dont go out, eat, and now barely talk even on phone my scepeh is so bad.

The worst part is there is nobody who can help us i've been trying for 4 yrs now, look at my video and you'll see.

I just hate that my life is wasting away and there is nothing i can do ? if you have any ideas of a path i can take that would be helpful


They almost sucked in my husband. He was quoted some 4,000 + for periodontal disease. He had no periodontal disease and got the necessary work, a filling he needed completed for under $100 well over a month ago.


All complaints should be filed with the BBB and your State Dental Board & Insurance commissioner! Good Luck everyone!


They tell me I need scaling. I hear everyone who goes there has to get scaling done.

I'm ready to sue them. they put in a temp cap which shifted my front teeth and now have new crown and I am told I need to baby it- may not last.


Please contact me at Researchpartners@***.net


You are missing the point here. If someone tells you to have your arm amputated, would you?



Uodate: I have hired an attorney who is looking into taking this case. We may need your participation. Please email your experiences to me at:RESEARCHPARTNERS@***.NETThank you everyone.


Uodate: I have hired an attorney who is looking into taking this case. We may need your participation. Please email your experiences to me at:


Thank you everyone.


That happened to me as well where they refused to clean my teeth unless they did scaling procedure, that is true. And it hurt too.


Class action suit may be the only way to shut them down. Problem is they'll just shut down and open 6 months later under another name.

Patients need to be made aware of them from a grass roots level so they just stay away. Anyone know 60 Minutes phone number?

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