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Suncom, Harassing, Illegal, Collection Practices

Since September of 2006 I have been recovering from heart disease, which completely broke me and put me in tremendous debt. I have since been 29 days late on my payment every month and I always get charged a $5.00 late fee that I always end up paying. Every month since then starting on the 15th of every month, I receive at least 3-5 calls per day threatening to turn my phone off. I also receive at least 11 threatening text messages at a time every day. Then they charge me for the text messages that they send me. So, every month they get the $5.00 late fee plus the charge for the harassing text messages, and they get to harass me for 14 days every month. Is there no justice in this country any more? Do I not have and constitutional or civil rights anymore. I have these calls, at work, at church, or anywhere, anytime. Are they so big that they are above our government? They break every Fair Credit Collections law there is. This is extreme harassment. They are using a utility owned by them to harass me and I'm sure many more people. I am on the $59.99 Unplan that has constantly cost me at least $70.00 per month. You can not speak to a supervisor, I have tried many times. They hide behind their collection people. I don't think they have any other employees. If you ask for customer service all you get is another person wanting to collect money. Their billing cycle ends the 24th of each month, but the collection calls start on the 15th. It is extremely stressful, especially for a person with heart disease. If I were to inherit 1 Million dollars, I would spend every cent of it on suing them. You are the Government; can you stop their illegal collection practices and harassment? They have time and time again charged me bogus charges and it takes hours on the phone to have them removed. Then they remove them. I know that they are doing this to every customer that lets them get by with it. Most people for $1.00 to $5.00, won’t spend the time on the phone after having to go through all of their telephone prompts for 20 minutes to even talk to a representative. I think that is the whole idea. If they overcharged 5 million customers $1.00 a month, then they are stealing $5 million dollars per month! Very Sincerely, Kevin D. Byrd
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Report them to your states Attorney Generals office. Keep a written history of everything that happens; date, time, whom you spoke to and what you spoke about.

The federal trade commission has an online complaint form- FILE A COMPLAINT- at You can also send them in writting a 'stop communications' letter( U.S.C 1692c).

Look up the Fair Debt Collections Pratices Act ( at the site) Srint got busted not too long ago for doing the same type thing try googling Suncom class action ... Good Luck

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