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Angie's List Is A Scam.

Angies List #503465
Thank you all for sharing your stories and comments. I am so happy to see that this posting has had an impact, and if it has stopped even one consumer from joining Angie's List, it was well worth our time!
From reading all of the comments, it looks as though Angie has become even more deceitful than when I first submitted this review. I cringe every time I see her commercial. It's become a huge web of deceit... pushing "ads" and "ratings" and "reviews" on contractors, while not providing the actual service the consumers are paying for, which is SUPPOSED to be access to HONEST reviews of companies.
Now that awareness has been achieved, what is the next step in stopping Angie? What can we do as consumers, besides just passing the word on, to end this horrid company?
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