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Toyota of Lewisville kept my down payment

Rene Isip's Toyota of Lewisville cheated me out of half my down payment!! Rene Isip's Toyota of Lewisville will NEVER get a good word from me! I have always been a believer in the Toyota product...UNTIL NOW!!! I was shopping Toyota and Nissan both, and decided to go with the Toyota.. The morning after purchase, when I got into the truck, it smelled like the inside of a tackle box that had been left out in the heat all day. OMG!!! I also noticed that the truck had dents and scratches that I didn't notice, and wasn't told about. On the way back to the dealer, I got a call from Bankston Nissan of Lewisville (GREAT PEOPLE THERE), stating that they had also approved me for a vehicle. After going by, I decided to take the Toyota back... Here's where everything went SOUR. Toyota of Lewisville already knew I had been to Bankston Nissan, and was belligerent from the start. First response from the team at Toyota of Lewisville was, Nope, sorry, your stuck with it. Deal is a deal type thing. I was under the impression that you had 72 hours to return a vehicle to the dealer if you changed your mind, not in the policy of Toyota of Lewisville. Only EVERY OTHER dealer in the DFW area. All downhill from there. The only way i was able to terminate the contract was to call the finance company (the same finance company that Garrett Harless in finance told me I needed to lie to about the down payment in order to get approved), and tell them i would not pay for the truck. I was told then that they had sent a message to Lee Hamilton at Toyota of Lewisville, stating that the loan was not going to be approved, a message that he said...never got...sigh. I then called Toyota of Lewisville and explained that I would be bringing the truck back, and was told then that I could have my trade, but not the down payment. After standing at the front lobby for over 20 minutes waiting on someone to help me, i decided that since I still had a key to my old truck, I would just take it over to Bankston Nissan to use as the trade there. I called Lee Hamilton at Toyota of Lewisville, and ask him when I could pick up my title and keys to my trade. He then replied.... If you weren't so retarded, you would have seen me bringing the stuff to you....BS... there was no one bringing anything. I finally got the title and keys back. And was told today that they are going to keep $250.00 out of my down payment for a "re-detailing" fee... seriously guys...??? It wasn't detailed when I got it.... Lee Hamilton from Toyota of Lewisville is a *** in my opinion. He proceeded to tell me that he will see to it that I don't get a loan approved for anything else I intend to buy. As well as saying he could tell what kind of man I was, by not sticking to the contract... using phrases like, lets just call a spade a spade....etc.. I will continue to do anything I can to keep business away from Toyota of Lewisville, and will never own another Toyota. This is by no means, over. But if you need a good place to buy a vehicle, go see the folks at Bankston Nissan in Lewisville, they are very professional, helpful, and shoot straight with you... I LOVE my new Nissan Frontier by the way!!!
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I am truly sorry you did not have a great experience purchasing your certified Pilot. I can assure you that we strive for complete service and care with each of our pre-owned vehicles. Please call John Gomez, our Customer Care Director, at 626 756-**** about this issue.

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