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Hello to all! First an foremost: A Happy New Year 2016 to all on this blog. It has been 5 1/2 years since I posted my original "complaint" here and I continue to be amazed at the amount of traffic this little blog gets: 33,000+ views and close to 1,300 comments... I am...
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Congrats to you Daniel for be a close minded miserab that recommends people not to tackle an opportunity you failed at. Sorry you didn't succeed.

Anyone who's considering a career at Bankers should really look within and decide if it's the right opportunity for you. Don't just take advice from a nameless faceless failure. I made 30K my first year, 55K my second year, and well over 100k my third year.

All for protecting and helping people. Have a great day posting your other failures on the internet Daniel.

Happy New Year All!

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I was contacted by Bankers after they "picked up my resume on CareerBuilder" to be invited for an interview. Nothing wrong with that, however here are the warning signs: 1. The person contacting me sounded like she was reading from a script. She was unable to give...
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I’d lump them in the insurance mlms. I had just gotten my insurance license and was looking on indeed.

Bankers life contacted me and set up an interview. I went to the 1st interview thinking it would be a normal style interview. I was lead into a room where a bunch of other people were also waiting for an interview. The room was filled with 70” TVs and iPads and other expensive electronics and prizes.

They talked about the job to all of us which mostly focused on all the sales insensitives surrounding us that were so much they had to store them there and free vacations for top earners and how he just got a 50k bonus check from the company. At the end they had us take quiz/survey type things that tell how good you’d be at the job and what kind of sales person you’d be. For the second interview I was told I “aced the test”...I’m sure now everyone did. The second interview didn’t want to know anything about me or my work history.

It was just them asking me for my questions so they could brag while answering them. Then I got a 3rd interview where I was told they’d love to have me. But my license wasn’t enough. I ended up paying out of my pocket for their online company and product specific training.

Once I paid for and completed that I started working. I was an independent contractor with no wages or PTO or benefits. Yet I was required to be In The office cold calling people from 745 am to 4 pm but couldn’t leave at 4 pm without a speech about how I can’t succeed And am not dedicated enough if I don’t stay late (keep in mind I had a baby at home and was not an employee I was an independent contractor with no w4 and no compensation or overtime for paying late pick-up fees to do so at the daycare and not being home with my baby) I also had to pay monthly fees to use their office supplies since I wasn’t an employee even though I was literally required to be there and use their stuff. I noticed all the big expensive prizes were gone and then noticed it was empty boxes kept in a back closet and carried to the interview room for their presentations where they then told interviews that they had so many prizes and insentives that they had no choice but to store them in the conference/ interview room.

They started asking if I knew anyone else that would want to get their license and join. They wanted me to make a list of family and friends in the job market so they could reach out. I made $45 in a month there and spent more than that to start. Not to mention all the gas from forcing me to spend my nights and weekends driving to a town 2 hours away to cold door knock with no pay since.

And the you’re not trying hard enough or dedicated enough speech for the 2 days I couldn’t drive to the town 2 hours away for cold door knocking sales because I didn’t have the gas money because there was no paychecks and I had to buy diapers for the baby.

And the list of addresses was from some database of all people in that zip code over the age of 65. They target the elderly in lower income areas with fixed incomes trying to talk them into buying or switching insurance

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