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Сastle Сars - CAR CASTLE INC. Is a Bunch of Thugs trying to Steal your money

I wanted to Buy a 2007 Audi A4 From them, I asked them to give me the Car History and a CARFAX Report, They told me the Car has a clean record and Gave me a CARFAX Report, As It was too late to test drive the car that day I had to come back the next day for a Test Drive, When I checked the VIN # Then I realized it was different from the Number on the CARFAX. I Mentioned that to the Dealer and he told me it was a mistake as they had another AUDI A4, Went back in took 30 mins to print a new CARFAX and Gave it back to me, this time all the Numbers Matched, I wanted to test the Gas Mileage on the Car, and Asked them to fill up the Tank and told them I would fill it back up when I was done with the drive but they made me pay for the GAS (Full Tank). When I test drove the Vehicle I realized it was making a lot of weird noises, especially when braking and then moving on, I also noticed that the Acceleration was nothing like you expect from an AUDI, It felt like the Car was Hanging on you, I mentioned it to the Dealer and he told me they usually don't service the car until before its sold, and Its just the little bit of rust that's causing those problems. I trusted him put down a deposit and went back home to pick it up the next day, I decided to run my own CARFAX Report Just to be sure and BOOM! the Report Showed an Accident and Frame Damage Reported and All the other Info supplied to me earlier was fabricated and Fake. I will be recalling my Deposit, I need to call them today but the first thing i did is write this report! BEWARE of these Dealers, From what I experienced and What I read about them from other Reports they are a SCAM-BULLET TO BE DODGED.
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They pulled the same thing with me on a 2006 VW except I didn't catch it. The car has been falling apart since.

I just tried trading it in at a Ford dealership and found out the car had been in two major accidents and had major frame damage. They Forged a Fake Car Fax.

I am currently pursuing charges through the New York State Attorney General. These guys should be in Jail.

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