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Florida Sports Orthopaedic and Spine Medicine - John H. Shim, M.D. ripped me and my insurance company off

John H. Shim, M.D. at Florida Sports, Orthopaedic and Spine Medicine in Palm Harbor, FL, 34684. I went in with extreme back pain and he wouldn't refer me to get an MRI, but charged me almost $400 for absolutely nothing! I quote... "I don't see anything wrong with you" Later I got a referral from another doctor to get an MRI, turns out I had a severely herniated disc. Once I got the diagnosis, I was able to get treatment and I am now pain free after a month of rehab, no thanks to Dr. Shim. Dr. Shim is a crook and the reason health care costs so much... doctors ripping off consumers and their insurance companies!
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I've seen several of the doctors at Florida Sports Orthopaedic and Spine and they are all wonderful caring doctors. The conservative approach to some problems is the best and I have full confidence in this practice.


Totally disagree you had to have an MRI, in fact all imaging requires clinical correlation. The doctor does an examination, depending on your pain the cause of the pain etc, he likely determined you had a disk herniation, which will get better and did.

There is allot of research that indicates you would have got better with or without therapy. Best part of therapy is mental, you feel like you working to get better, chances are you could have done nothing for the same period of time same result.

If he wanted to rip you off he would have sent you for the MRI and had you visit him many times. I think you need to re think your logic you convinced me to see him


EHicks, Thanks for being brave enough to return my phone call. But I cannot let "bygones be bygones".You have posted this same comment on no less that 6 other sites.

I am glad you are better. As a spine surgeon, my clinical assessment was confirmed. You did not need surgery. You did not need an MRI.

Our records indicate the total amount paid for that visit was $180. If you have a receipt stating otherwise, please bring it to me, and I will gladly refund you the difference.

Please be honest EHICKS. And stop slandering me and the medical profession.


Wow, looks like Dr. Shim is hiring a Reputation Management company to get rid of his negative comments online. An honest doctor wouldn't have to do that.


Dr. Shim is an excellent Doctor.

I've been a patient of his since 2004 & have always had great success. In July 2010, I had one of the worst herniations and could not walk. Dr. Shim could have suggested surgery (and made more money) but took a conservative approach and recommended therapy instead.

He assured me that even the worst herniation can heal itself given time. At the request of my employer, I received a second opinion and felt like the doctor was trying to force me into surgery.

I chose Dr. Shim's route (therapy...NO SURGERY) and I'm very pleased with the results.


"I disagree. Dr. Shim always is concerned about cost effective treatments. Obviously, the MRI was not necessary for your treatment since you are now better without surgery."

The MRI WAS necessary to find out what what wrong! Once my doctor knew it was a herniated disc, then she started me on treatment that corrected it. You can't treat something unless you know what's wrong, and the MRI was the only way to determine what was wrong.

I couldn't even stand up in Dr. Shim's office and I was doubled over in pain and he has the gall to say, and I quote... "I see nothing wrong with you". What a pompous, arrogant response!!

The fact was that Dr. Shim didn't want to be bothered with an MRI referral because that was beneath him. He can hide behind costs all day long, but one of the nurses told me after the exam that he only likes taking surgery cases.

Dr. Shim is a crook... my defense rests.


My family has seen 3 of the doctors in this practice one of them being Dr Shim. They are all of the highest integrity, professionalism and superior medical knowledge.

Your ranting comments Ehicks727 only display your poor character and ignorance. Let it go... Let it go...

And move on.


I disagree. Dr.

Shim always is concerned about cost effective treatments. Obviously, the MRI was not necessary for your treatment since you are now better without surgery.

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