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Comcast Epic Install Fail

After a week of being lied to by Comcast, Not returning my calls and totally failing on the install, I have had enough. This video says it all. Simply copy and paste into your browser since this site won't allow links. A perfect example of what a monopoly in a given market will produce, lack of competition means they don't have to give their best to get your business and can ignore complaints since they know you have no other providers to take your business to. I hope this video goes viral!!!
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May 3rd - 2 weeks ago my wife had enough and sent an e-mail to Andy Wise who is an investigative reporter and consumer advocate in the Memphis area. He simply forwarded the email to someone high level in Comcast and two days later our the tech was here and re-ran the cable. But still no word from them about fixing my wall.



There was supposed to be a tech here today to redo the cable runs but as expected from Comcast, they didn't show.

I am at my wits end with these people and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on someone I can call such as consumer advocates or regulatory boards, etc...

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Comcast Installation
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Sprint - No appreciation for long time customers.

I have been with Sprint for 9 years and thought I might want to upgrade the 2 phones on my account. So I go to the Sprint website (without logging in) and see that they have the IPhones for $99 after a $450 discount for agreeing to a 2 year contract for new customers. So I log into the website and get spammed with pop ups telling my about the $150 credit I get per phone because I am such a valued customer. But the $450 discount for agreeing to a 2 year contract is now only $300 which would make the price of the IPhone, for a 9 year customer $99. So, that means that John Doe, who has never had an account with Sprint will get the exact same price as a long time customer. They just split up the numbers, called them something else and the end result is that a long time customers get absolutely nothing in return for their loyalty. Sprint obviously doesn't value their existing customers. I am regretting agreeing to my last contract, but thankfully, that's a mistake that will be corrected since I can get the exact same IPhone through AT&T for .99 cents. Buh By Sprint, Hello AT&T.
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Been with Nextel/Sprint for many years with family plan. Upgraded 3 phones; 1 was defective so returned for a different one within 1 week.

I got stuck with FOUR $38 activation fees! Customer service was absolutely useless - refused to reverse any of them.

Basically, I am S.O.L. I am not happy and will tell everyone I know.


AT&T does the same thing, so um. .

good luck. Actually, AT&T is worse. Instead of new activations and upgrades being the same, many new activations are much CHEAPER than the upgrades.

. .


You should check out Triniti Communications. A 'next generation digital company.' People should be tired of being "robbed" by the Big Three: Verizon, Sprint, & ATT.

It is about time to receive All the great service without all the contracts and hassles.

Four phones with UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for $104 per month. This is NOT the little flip phones:: Android operated such as HTC Hero, etc.

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Nuwave Oven - Manipulative Advertising

While the advertising is technically correct, it is misleading. They claim this oven cooks with "long wave Infrared". I work in the field of thermodynamics and this is a subject I know very well.The problem I have with this is that everything, and I mean everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared radiation, EVERYTHING! So to say it is an infrared oven, while being technically correct is just a manipulation of important sounding words. You could just as easily say you have an infrared car, are an infrared human or are standing on an infrared planet, all of which is technically correct. The difference is now they will charge 5 times the price for that fancy sounding "Infrared Oven" when in reality it is just an over priced convection oven. Buyer Beware!
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Thank you Grateful, you just made my day.

Cheers :)


Thanks to Bubba, Len ..and to all who posted here. I was REALLY interested in this, since I dislike my convection oven and was hoping to replace it with this 'amazing' appliance!

Your insight and definition of a convection oven or toaster oven with fan is so helpful..Thanks again for all the insight! And for saving me and many others from painful problems with a company that doesn't look like it honors its promises...shouldn't be surprised with such deceptive ad wording!


Exactly correct. And the longer the wavelength the lower the energy contained within that wave. Shorter wavelengths = higher energy.


And they refer to it as long wave infrared. Infrared is already toward the low end of the electomagnetic spectrum, so the waves are already long.

And why would that be of benefit anyway? I'd say it's just more double-talk to lull the unsuspecting into thinking there's something real special here.


Interesting, no one from NuWave going to try and dispute the claim that the advertising is designed to suck people in with high tech jargon like "long wave infrared"? It is obvious to me that who ever designed your marketing strategy has no knowledge of thermodynamics and probably couldn't even define "Long Wave Infrared".

Granted, most people don't have a good understanding of thermodynamics and the electro-magnetic spectrum, but I sure do, I work with it every day.

I call BS on your entire advertising speal and from the looks of the posts here,your garbage product as well.

What you are calling a high tech "Infrared Oven" is in reality no more than a toaster oven with a fan, or more commonly known as a convection oven.

Please explain to me and others exactly where I am wrong or fess up to the BS.

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Nuwave Oven Oven
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Aarons - Unprofessional and Ignorant

My wife and I go into Arrons @ 1300 Getwell Rd. Memphis, TN. to purchase a bedroom set. The gentleman who helped me said he was a district manager and was a very pleasent chap. Of course I did what I could to get the best deal and we finally came to terms and the deal was done. My first payment in the store was on May 15th 2010 and I was given the choice of paying up to June 1st or July 1st. I decided to pay up till July 1st. The reciept said the due date was 6/15/2010 but the district manager initialed it and put the date of 7/1/2010 as the due date. On 6/15/2010 we made July's payment which would make me current through Aug 1st. Starting last week we get a call from Aarons concerning our account being past due. I tried to explain that we are not due till the first of Aug. and she wasn't having any of that. I found my reciepts, contract and payment schedule, all of which support my claim. She basically called me a liar and set her truck out to pick up the set. When I showed the delivery guys the paper work they just got this glazed look in thier eyes and put me back on the phone with that same vile woman. I really tried to keep it civil but by the end of the call I was in my front yard yelling at a cell phone with my neighbors looking on. I didn't get harsh with the delivery guys, they were just following orders, and they have my simpathy for having to work for that woman, and I told them as much. I stood my ground, I did not allow them into my house. I simply told them, "sorry guy's, come back on the first when I am due and I will happilly let you take the stuff so I can never do business with Aarons again.". This is just the latest, I have fufilled 2 other agreements with Aarons in the past. The first one went off without a hitch. The second had some serious problems with getting my DVD player repaired (took 4 months and finally me throwing a tantrum in the store)to get it resolved. My advise, If you need rent to own, Aarons should be the last place you go. There are plenty of other places to get rent to own items that won't *** on you as soon as you pull the pen away from signing the contract.
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The store manager called me today to apologize for the mix up. I accepted his apology, but also told him that it didn't excuse his staff for the way I was treated. All it would have taken was for the store rep to pull my file and all of this could have been avoided.

He said he understood my position and that if I still wanted to return the bedroom set, he would void the lease, which I really didn't expect. I may have been a little harsh concerning Aarons as a whole, but they definetly have some complete losers on their payroll.

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