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Hostgator causes SOOO MUCH STRESSS!!!

First of all...I asked soooo many time about sending mass emails- 150,000+ and they tell me the whole process and hoops to jump, and upgrade. Then 3 months later tell me thier policy is to not let anyone use a bought mailing matter how good the list is....none! double opt in only! The whole time i was with them was like pulling teeth. I can't begin to tell u how many kindergarted answers I got after being with them for 2 months...soooo many wrong answers!!! Getting a supervisor or upper level admin was nearly begging for help!!! I tried to be nice sooo many different ways...such a waste of time and energy!!!
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This is unacceptable!!

I had an email issue, is turn he "downgraded" everything bringing down my server, after many hours of headache I was finally up and running.

Then out of nowhere some agent played with my server WITHOUT PERMISSION brought the server down for another 7 hours, now level 2 support brought my websites back up BUT on one of my websites the SEO plugin is broken.

Hostagor is fully responsible to fix all broken/ damage that you did to my website WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION.

I also want compensation for all the lost money I had during my 12 hours outage!


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Hostgator Web Hosting
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They offer a money back guarantee but I have been requesting one since October. They continue to say I need to provide the original ticket number I submitted already several times. And now that my account is de-activated, there is no way to get it! I gave them my activation information, account number, personal information and everything and they keep saying the ticket number is needed. HORRIBLE customer service. VERY unprofessional. They answer the cell phone in the car, and do not transfer u to anyone else...simply hang up on you. The pictures on thier site are obviously fake.
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I agree, they do not respond on my tickets over a month. Its impossible to cancel the account and takes money every month. REALLY bad and I advice people not to use them as they will get NOTHING from this site.


Great software here in dating site builder, great support, and good price compared to services. It's very easy to customize, especially I can easily drag and drop contents.

Support is limited to help desk but response is fast. Overall, using the dating site builder is easier than riding on the wave!



I just wish to let people know that the site is a bad company.

I tried their service but regret 2 houres later and asked for a refund. Acording to their webpage you can get a 100% refund minus 50usd in administration fee.

Today several month later and many support messages ect. I have reported the owner to the FBI for fraud. And In the report i have linked to alot of complaints on the net where people talk about how they where cheated and did never get their money back ect.

I hope other people especially from usa will do the same and stop the owner.

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Warren Brandt - Brandt and Muza and Chris Meyer, Ann Johnson-support drug and alcoholic fathers.

These lawyers all lied to me about their interest in representing me after taking my money, and told the court I have a mental illness. I lost custody after 13 years of full custody only because I wanted to move to California. They all supported me when the father was doing bad things to my son (minimally tho), and then against me when I needed to move (for other reasons). The court laughed off the drug and alcoholic problems, the tons of friends that he has that are also, and the music "I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me" that he put on my son's mp3 player. They also don't understand how to treat a person that has daily chronic back pain and admitted to not being able to understand that, and tried telling me to just do this or that... all of them.
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