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Greyhound - The homeless express

Greyhound. The worst way to travel.Talk about low class people.Too many bums and transients that smell like they havent showered in days.I will hitchhike before I ever ride the greyhound again.The drivers have attitudes.Personally,I hope they go bankrupt and shut down for good so the poor cant have ay means of travel.Theres atoo much swine on the busses now.I prefer to travel with a higher class of people,not perverts,bums and convicts which is mostly what you see on the busses these days.I will stick to amtrak from now on.
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The reason you don't see many of these low-lifes on the Amtrak is because they can't panhandle fellow passengers at rest stops for cigarettes and food and money. I prefer to sit by the driver, because all the *** sit in the back.

Then again, I haven't done Greyhound in over 5 years and will never again.

You do indeed get a better class of people on the plane and train, and I don't mean low-income people are ***, because, hey, I'm low-income. I'm talking about those who stink and panhandle the riders.


You know the saying -- Go Greyhound, Get Ghetto


nasty the greyhound is full of sickos and perverts and smelly *** *** ppl. Im all for the airline next time. *** that *** , and then they have the AC on full blast , like in the middle of a windchill everyone freezes and no one on the bus complains , retarded ding bats


right on man that post was great soo true greyhound stinks




yes, there are a bunch of low life that travel on these buses because greyhound allows them too, some people are decent but only a few most of the druggies and alchies they allow on the bus act as dumb as the security guards and custormer service dingbats. I recommend that nobody ever ride this so called inadequate transpertation due to there many human sanitary violations i/e the toilet that never gets drained good luck if you ride greyhound clean up your act



I don't know why you think you are so high and mighty. I'll be willing to bet some of those "bums" and "swine" have better grammar/punctuation skills that you will EVER have in your lifetime.

If you are so entitled, then fly first class, kick back, drink champagne and shut the *** up! ***!


Hello NOT everyone who takes the bus are broke and if you are so classy and so financially secure then why aren't you flying First Class so that you can be with people you feel are more on your level and since when does taking Amtrak make you so classy you are just trying to get from point A to B the cheapest way just like everyone else broke or not!


But this has to be the most *** complaint I have heard yet guess what Poor people ride Amtrak also so maybe you should fly first class since you are so classy and uppidy go figure I guess ignorance really is bliss you just proved it!!!


Haha... Oh wow.

My brand new sportbike got backed over by a woman driving a brand new BMW and while the insurance companies decide how much my bike is worth I have to ride the bus down to university.

I'm sorry you can't abide by a few haha "poor people" the vast majority of people don't have a lot of money, but they still have places to go. I hope you get stuck on top of your high horse; stare before you find a way down.

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