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That KC Painter Guy (Albert H. EdieII ) Taught Me How TO Be a Professional

Yes, I am the same person who complained about not being paid for the work I did!! Well after careful thought, I realize I am the one at fault in this matter. This professional took his time to teach me a very valuable asset in his industry as a professional painter. You see I am an artsy type of artist, in other words canvas, etc. painting. He took the time to teach me how to paint, texture and finish in a residential setting. In this time of so many people being out of work, or not having experience to be hireable I was priviledged to be taught another way to earn a living. We worked out our differences; mostly it was my not understanding how this industry works. I was assuming I'd get paid immediately upon completion of one building, not knowing that the job was contracted to be paid on completion of the project. I was wrong, and I retract my complaint against "That KC Painter Guy', and am deeply sorry for any wrong it caused him or his business. If I could go back and redo that situation I'd gladly take the blame for being unwise to the outcome. I wholeheartly acknowledge that his business is upstanding and of the highest quality you;ll find in this area. You'll get the best for a very reasonable price. I am really in his debt for taking a chance with me, and ask that the blame be put on me for any problem that my ignorance might have caused him. I humbly ask his forgiveness for my misguided tirade and hope that he not hold it against me for being so stupid. I also ask that you as the public overlook that stupid childish blog that was posted on Google Ads. I'm truly sorry for wasting the space with my ignorance. I'm truly hoping for you forgiveness also. With much regret I sign off. Del Robinson e-mail delsworld1@***.com
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That KC Painter Guy (Albert H. EdieII) refuses to pay me wages earned!

I worked as a painter for Albert H.(Henry) Edie II,d.b.a. That KC Painter Guy, for 30 hours at a rate of $10.00 an hour ($300.00), as a painter in Lees Summit and Overland Park From Fri.07/09/10 thru Tues. 07/13/10. He lied to me promising to pay me on Wed. 07/14/10. On the promised day, he again lied to me saying "I'll pay you tomorrow". Well tomorrow has come and gone, with today being Sat. 07/17/10, and he has not tried to communicate with me by phone, by e-mail, or in person although he has all the pertinent information on how to contact me. In fact he refuses to return calls or e-mails, let alone contact me in person, although he picked me up for work every day he needed to use me. He is not to be trusted, his word is no good and he is a lousy business person. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!! I'm not ashamed to tell you my name or give you my e-mail for further correspondence. Del Robinson,at delsworld1@***.com. Again be aware of his unspeakable business practices unless you like to be hosed!!
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My experience with Henry was a mix of good and bad - Henry works hard when he's there, and he's good at painting, but for my job, he was unreliable. His van is full of equipment and the result looks good.

He did caulk my exterior and spray everything plus some brush backwork to ensure painting in my sawcut siding grooves. I paid him as he went, including nearly double his initial estimate accounting for extra trouble painting thoroughly. His early work was better than later, when he appeared to lose interest and eventually just stopped showing up. After discussing his account with Sherwin Williams, he delivered poor quality paint in used buckets with homemade labels, which was flat rather than semi gloss as requested.

I refused the paint and bought the correct stuff myself. After 6 weeks of no show and no response to email or phone calls, I gave up and finished painting myself. During this time he was actively seeking other work, as he responded to an anonymous request for paint work which I sent via his website.

I have discovered several poorly or partially done sill and trim repairs which I had redone correctly. I would recommend him for painting, as long as you buy the paint yourself, and enforce a fixed price contract with a deadline for receiving final payment.


I am sure it is clear to everyone that the complaint with no basis is from thatkcpainterguy himself! What a joke...I would get in touch with Del and see if he wrote that.

But since he was on my porch this AM looking for thatkcpainterguy I am very sure it is NOT FROM DEL! Don't loan money to thatkcpainterguy..he doens't pay you back and will leech all he can from you!


The reply from kcpainter guy kind of humours me since I worked for him for a week and I had to pay for HIS gas, his food and provided a place for him to live! He stole from me, shorted my check and then when I asked him if he was going to help out with the bills and such his solution was to grab his sleeping bag from my office floor and go mooch off someone else! Sue me for it Henry and stop mooching off people and not paying them - this is the truth and why I think it funny he is complaining about his own way of lfe!


Yes, the card and his website does look good, because I did the work!! And he has never paid me for it!!

He is a *** with no home to call his own and he does shoddy work.

Half *** is a better way to put it! Do not use thatkcpainterguy...he hasn't paid 2 of his workers that I know about and the work will not last!


This Happened To My Friend This Week!!!!


I am the person who complained about not being paid for the "work" done....well i bruised a persons reputation and possibly affected his business by not truly understanding how the business is done on a day by day basis. Well to make a long story short, I was wrong.

I would like to retract what I said about him as a business man, and want to make a formal apology for anything I said that may affect his business or reputation. He is a hard working individual who knows what he is doing and is good at his trade. He will give you a over the top type of job that you will be proud to have had him do the work. Never mind the differences we had that is a horse of a different color, and has no bearing on the quality of work he does.

My opinions should have been kept between the two of us and not aired publicly. In other words, don't let my problem be your problem.

Hire him, he knows what he is doing as a worker. 'Nuff said.


As I explained to Del, I cannot pay him for work that is not complete. Since he mis-represtented his skil-set, willingness to complete the tasks assigned and full out lied to me about his progress, I have been put in a very awkward position.

I cannot pay out on a job until it is complete, that is how I get paid. If I have to teach someone how to do the job, babysit them all through the process and then do the work myself anyway, that slows down the payment process! I explained to Del that I would pay him for the hours he "worked" when I was able to complete the work that he wants paid for. Do you get paid for showing up and not working?

I sure don't! Now I am considering including a summons for a libel lawsuit with his check! I am an honest business man. If I tell you I can do a job, I can and will do it.

I wish I had received the same courtesy!

As for the poster who was considering hiring my services, I suggest you hire Del instead. You will have to provide him with transportaion, buy his lunch and teach him how to do the job.

But hey, you will feel much better after you have paid him and finished the job yourself! GOOD LUCK!!!


Are you for real? How does he stay in business if he does what that dude says he did? There are always two sides to every story.


I received one of his cards and was about to contact him, because the card looks like someone put some thought into designing it, and that usually is an indicator of the type of person that is featured on the card; but after reading about how he does his employees i have given it second thought and I do not want to promote that kind of behavior of a person who is supposed to be a business person. In short thanks but "no thanks".

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