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ValJen Properties - Val-Jen Construction aka John Vallett and Gary Jennings.

Company did not complete project as contracted. Plumbing did not pass inspection. Tiled floors uneven-tiled shower unbelievable! Doors hung unevenly-all work performed is very inadequate. Did not show up for work on a timely basis. Used the cheapest materials and labor. Crew burglarized home and stole items. Litigation is pending. Company is currently building homes in north Macon. Does business as Val Jen Properties, Val Jen Construction and Vallett Builders. John Vallett and Gary Jennings are co owners (and conspiritors)Refuses phone calls and certified mail contact. Warning to Macon/Bibb County and surrounding area. Do not use.
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@neutral party:

You wrote: "if you are speaking of ms. Frantzis, aren't you friends with her or something?"

Actually, I've never heard of her.

You seem upset that I set you straight on the fact that slander (spoken, by the way) is not a crime.

Libel is also not a crime, and like slander is actionable in court if it untruthfully defames. You need to watch out, "Neutral Party". The internet is not anywhere near as anonymous and sheltering as you believe.

Now for something for everyone's delight...

Irony of ironies, I ended back here again by pure chance... The foreclosed home I'm purchasing needs a few things fixed to pass FHA inspection, so the seller asked me to get a few bids. I looked up licensed general contractors in Macon using the state's database, and found someone that lived around the corner from the foreclosure.

Doing my due-diligence search to see if the company was reputable, a 'visited' link showed up in my browser. I clicked and this page popped up. The GC in question? Vallett Builders. Owned by the same man that lost the very house about which I was about to call him and ask for a bid to repair; it was a rental property of his that was in disrepair.

Go figure. Glad I checked, because of Joseph John Vallett's proximity and valid license, I was going to give him first opportunity at the bid. Now he's out of the running all together.


Y'all are freaking certified out-right off the francis and u, the other elderly female- y'all are plain and simply put - obnoxious bitched. Anyone must Hate to be in ur company..... :x


it's too bad it all had to come to this, alot of people's lives ruined, for all involved no matter who you are, it's time to move on.


:grin well, let's see now, from what i have heard mr. reese, if you are speaking of ms. Frantzis, aren't you friends with her or something?

everyone i have spoken to says she is the most difficult person to work with, wants her own way no matter what then screams foul play if she doesn't get it!

i am in this construction business and know these contractors, from what i have seen and heard no one, (NO ONE) wants to work for her because of how she is, you feel so bad for her, if you build, why don't you go help her out?




@ "Neutral": slander is not a crime, but a civil offense. Second, the truth is the ultimate defense - it is only slander if it is untrue. In this case it is you that may face a lawsuit for calling the poster a liar. Unfortunately, you are a coward and an ***, and probably unscrupulous.

Sadly, had the poster checked previous classifieds, he/she would have found that Val-Jen was already in default of several loans at the time Val-Jen was hired to do the work.

As of this writing, Val-Jen's assets are being auctioned off at rapid-fire pacing on the courthouse steps of the Bibb County courthouse.

Good riddance, vermin!


did joy frantzis tell you to write this?


:cry boo hoo ms. frantzis, do you know you are committing slander?

i believe that's a crime also!


I decided I would rebut these untruths John valet and Gary Jennings entered into contract with us to build a home and have since walked off the job and do have 18,500 of my hard earned money and job undone and said himself I was not going to see the money again. Also he has poor workmanship in our home that was being built, he does not return phone calls.

He also does not pay his suppliers one in particular that has a lien our home for 7,200, and another lien with a total of 12,125. on the property for labor and or material. He has done this on a few homes in the time he has been building our home. One in Macon one in Warner Robins and one in Monroe or Forsyth county georgia.

So he has a total of almost 40,000 that he has against our home. I am an upstanding citizen and I am very upset now. Since december I had a triple bypass surgery and it was after that surgery and during my recovery that he stopped work on the house and told many that have told them that he has got his 18,500 of ernest money so he dont care and he quit. Leaving me to fend for the house and pick up the pieces.

I will pass this site on the the other consumers he screwed or hurt and then we can see who is wrong here. As I see it this wont be finished until he pays this consumer back. I cant do anything about the job he was suppose to supervise here, but I can tell you a bad job on the knock down, one broken window and 8 broken screens and electrical wire hanging out of the wall, cracked trim work and he was not able to be reached the whole time the cabinet man worked on the home. We had to fend for ourselves and he is the one holding the money.

Now you have my complaint. He has dodged several letters sent to him to finish this job and what he is doing is illegal it is a felony to steal and embezzle money from a job and this was a contract to build a home. be your own judge talk to the law talk to the judge, talk to the investigator but what he has done is wrong. How many people would say Here is money keep it for me.

I was paying for a contract that he did not finish and he kept the money.

wrong be the judge I also had to pay to remove trash bin from our property because trash was blowing all over. I have been told they were closing up business and would reopen again please be wary when they bid on your home and take the contract to a lawyer before you even start.


to A. J. Talley & MS. Frantzis:

valjen company hires independant contractors, what happened to you was not the two men (mr, vallett and mr. jennings)that own it, it was the crew that worked on your house, the same crew that worked on ms frantzis's house.

the same drug addict, cheating, liar fool that she, ms frantzis seems to be getting all her information from, the same man who's crew stole from the talleys and anyone else this man works for.

they worked on my house also 2-3 years ago and i kept finding the work not done, but he was always wanting money, alot of beer bottles and cigarette butts in and around my new home, when i questioned the head of the crew he swore it wasn't his men, then come to find out he fired a man or two for drinking on the job.

valjen is getting a bad rap here, mr jennings has been a leader in the community for many years, mr vallett also a leader in the community; a builder and contractor for over 20 years, they shouldn't be blamed for work others do!


No one likes you Joy,dON'T COME BACK TO WORK.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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