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South Bend Chocolate/Memorial Hospital

some of us got together and decided to post this an hope that it will open some eyes we are not telling who we are we work at the hospital but we frequent the cafe love it real good food an depending on when you go you have nice staff well we have had a problem with two staff members one is Nick who is a loud mouth drunk you can smell the liquor on his breath and the other is Jenny who i guess is his boss ( how sad) he curses out the female staff to a point to werer the customers can here him and is rude to the customers then we complained to the Chocolate cafe on Sample i went back down and sat in there to see what would happen the head person came in and took him out side he came back in bragging about getting a raise and not getting into trouble for being drunk an said he can be late as much as he can stated some B*&*5 tried to get me fired which was me i wanted to slap his ears together so im putting my complaint on here to see if anybody will notice that things like this should not go on people like him should not think that the world revovles around him and what type of manager do they have she seems a little whimpy how can the owners and memorial hospital allow such a travisty to go on like i said i have seen it several times but this past week was the worst and it is said we really do love our chocolate but we will go to the competition from now on
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I do not know what days you go but i eat there every day and nick is a perfect gentleman


From what i have seen ty seems to be a sore loser who cant make it to work. Having a disconnected mother does not help her. She needs to live with her short commings and move on.


he brags about how he can do whatever he wants and not get into trouble makes me wonder does the owner really know whats going on i have complained to the Health Department about them and to Osha here at Memorial thats just sad she firing the good workers and keeping a drunk


not the only person who has to wonder who is in charge in that place cursing people yelling the manager just standing around doing nothing about it and yes he does be drunk have complained to my floor director about it i over herd the ladies in the auxilery talking about him and the manager something really needs to be done

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