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Food Network - They ruined Halloween Wars

I have watched Halloween Wars on Food Network every year since it came on. It is a part of my family's Halloween traditions. However, after watching the first episode of this season of Halloween Wars, I have to wonder if it's time to put this tradition to the grave after seeing the horrendous changes they have made to the show. Before we get to the bad, I want to first acknowledge the one good thing which was changed: the replacement of Jonathan Bennett as host. He was far too silly and corny, and his goofiness added a certain Kindergarten clown aspect which was difficult to watch. So for removing him, I thank Food Network. However, there have been several changes to the show's format which I find very disturbing, the most glaring being the elimination of a pumpkin carving element within each piece. The pumpkin carving was unique, and gave the whole challenge a distinct Halloween vibe. Without pumpkin carving, the show is just another one of 500 shows about cake. BORING!!!! The pumpkin carving was unique and beautiful, and gave artists with a specific talent the opportunity to shine. Now it's gone. Shame on you. Also, the show has eliminated the small scare portion of the show. So instead of two challenges, we get one. Gee, thanks for short-changing us, Food Network! I left the episode feeling unfulfilled and longing for the old format. Oh, and one more thing. This whole thing with tying it in to Ghost Hunters? Yeah, we can see right through that. It's so painfully obvious that you're trying to boost the ratings of Ghost Hunters by globbing it on to a show that's actually good, it's sort of sad. It doesn't add to Halloween Wars, it cheapens it. I do not like where this season is headed, and my guess is there are a lot of others who feel the same way. It was good the way it was, and then Food Network took a bat to it. I haven't seen a bigger mess up of a good thing like this since Gremlins 2. All I can hope is that it will better next year.

User's recommendation: Watch the reruns and hope they fix it next year.

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They did something similar last year to Holiday Wars - no more ice sculpting, all cake. I'm sad about the lack of pumpkin carving.

Having the carvers would allow them to add a truly monumental aspect to their designs. Putting them in front of background scenes, allowing them to create spectacle and motion in their designs, all that is GONE. But I'm just as sad that they have to bake their cakes. The old version was never about the flavor of the main cake.

They all got piles of sheet cake to use for the display, and the sugar artist would create a tasting element. Those parts of the challenge were fascinating, and removing the time and difficulties of baking the cake themselves allowed a lot more design and creativity.

This new version isn't fun. I turned it off after one episode, too.


my husband & I both only watched half of the first episode hated it. please go back to the way it was. But loved the change of who is hosting.


Just started streaming this seasons Halloween wars and No!!! Just no!!

You've ruined it. No pumpkin carving? No small scare? Turned it off.

No point.

Ugh. So disappointed.


Great comment...I totally agree!


@#$ Halloween Wars HUGE disappointment!! No pumpkin!

Just another baking contest (not a good one either).

Bad, bad move. Will watch reruns of older shows.


Food Network- what were you thinking? No small scare?

No pumpkin carving? And a host that is not physically present? And the setting is so dark!

What is the difference between Halloween Wars and The Big Bake? Bring back the original format please!


I agree with the above comment. This has just turned into another baking show.

I like Halloween baking championship but we do not need another baking show for Halloween. Please go back to the old format Thank you.


I’ve also been disappointed with Halloween Wars this year. No: pumpkin carver, small scare, or tasting treat.

I used to look forward to this all year and so did my sisters, nieces, & friends. We are all disappointed.

It is now ho hum like any other show. By the way, the connection with Zak Bagan is nothing more than hype for his business.

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