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Aspen dental is the opposite of their fancy marketing

I highly reccomend that you DO NOT use any Aspen Dental, but particularly the one in Kokomo Indiana. The staff has the empathy of a gnat, most of them obviously hired because they are young and pretty, not because they have any talent for taking care of dental patients. They charged an outrageous amount for dentures that I have since found out I could have purchased for half the price. They lost appointments I made, so I would come in and not be seen after having to make a 65 mile drive and taken two hours off work to see them. Their lack of respect for my time was galling They forgot to send my dentures out to be finished adding yet another week to what turned out to be a 6 week process just to get a set of replacement plates! The dentist told me I would have sore spots, not to worry about that. Well I guess so, since I'd rather live with the sore spots he wouldn't take care of while I was there rather than go back and be treated so poorly. The office is dirty pit, and the employees are so anxious to go home at the end of the day that they gather garbage around you as they are begging to go home early. That wonderful little heart tugging commercial you see a dozen times a day on the televsion... pure and utter BS!
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Remember that the plates you bought have a warranty. I'd give them a call just to make sure your appointment will cost nothing, and let them try to get them fixed or replaced.

Whenever I have had problems with mine, everything has always been.done for free without question. They are obligated to help you because of the warranty on what you paid for, but they can't if you won't even let them try to. If they try to charge you for the adjusting, then I would definitely never ever go back there.

I've asked a few people here in logansport about it, and no one has ever paid to have their sets worked on. Keep ms posted on what happens with the adjustment.


Before I even received delivery of my plates they had to do a reline because of mistakes they made in the originals and charged me yet another $300 on top of the exhorbitant price charged in the first place!! I'd be sincerely afraid they would have no problem continuing to charge me... Unfortunately I feel like it makes no sense financially to do anything but find a new dentist.


I've always had wonderful experiences in the kokomo office. They are incredibly busy all the time, but always have time to help me with my concerns or adjust my dentures. Get an appointment and get your set adjusted.

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