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As a former employee of Walmart I underwent the same training the current employees went through. I cannot for the life of me understand why the store in my area has such horrid service. First of all our store is a TEST store. We got our Supercenter and they closed the regular store a few years ago. What did we gain more departments with worse customer service!!! Lines leading down the aisles with only 2 cashiers open and other employees wandering around sucking on a lollipop. We got less selection, and more store to not be able to find it in. We mainly use the store for diapers and cleaning supplies now. The groceries were ok but we would try a product fall in love with it and suddenly it would be jerked from the shelves. When I asked an employee stocking the now empty shelf where the products are, his answer was a empty, "I dont know and if you have a complaint email it to corporate" Have you ever tried to find the walmart customer complaint department online? GOOD LUCK! Walmart just used to be made in the usa, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, low price guarantee and now it is long lines and a serious lack of customer service coupled with foreign made junk that are ALWAYS the best price. SHAME on them. I am sure Mr. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave.
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I am so sorry that you have received such losey service, I myself work as an associate at Walmart, I try to give excellent customer service to ALL my CUSTOMERS!!,With no hesitation, every customer to me is very important and special. I will always strive to make a difference, have a positive attitude along with a smile for you all!

There our some and I'm sure more then you think that really do care. Look for the Positve, It's There!


I have to say that yes some places lack the customer service. But our store is excelling in it up here in Wisconsin.

We have the best customer service. Sometimes our lines get long during the busy parts of the day, but we make you feel at home and always apologize for the inconvience.

We understand that we can get you out super fast, but what we can do is make the wait more enjoyable by actually engaging in a conversation with you.

And EX wife most people that Wal-mart hires and they date they tend to marry, I don't get that either. But they can't work together.


It amazes me that your company does not allow dating between its managers and employees and that several have been fired for this. However, when my husband was a TLE Service Manager having an affair with his Service writer he did not even get a slap on the hand because his TLE Manager covered the whole thing up for them.

All are still working for Walmart still seeing each other still getting away with what ever they can calling in sick , showing up late, and doing whatever else they can get away with.....Needless to say I thank Walmart for tearing a family apart. I now shop at KMart seems there standards are probably a little higher.

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