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I Lost my Phone.

Lyft #2061509
Just so you all know. I lost another phone. A work phone. I did get my phone back. But the driver would not return it right away. He took 2 days to return the phone. He wanted me to pay him $20 for returning the phone. I refused. He refused to let me have my phone back unless i paid fir his gasoline. I paid. Since this is the third phone from work that i lost i was fired. Had he returned the phone right away i would not have gad my third strike. He needs to be fired.
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Child, the driver is under no obligation to return your junk at all much less when you want them to. I wouldn't have brought it back to you. I would have found a hub miles away and dumped it there. A driver has better things to do than lookout for someone who has a habit of losing things like a child who always loses their glasses or mittens. Oh, and BTW, you've been told this once or twice. When YOU agreed to their terms of service, YOU said you understood they are not responsible for the junk you leave behind.