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American Academy Of Wedding Professionals - AAWP - charging me for their spam

I signed up for online courses and changed my mind within a month. I never opened the product nor used it. When I called to get a refund I was informed that there is no refunds or cancellations period. It was in small print in blue ink at the very bottom of their page. I took the hit of $600. One year later, I see a charge from them. Turns out I'm signed up automatically for a membership of their newsletter and now I am obligated to pay monthly dues for it. They claim they sent me an email about the membership and I did not decline the membership so now I have to pay monthly dues for a newsletter I consider spam and delete it when I see it in my mailbox. After they took $600 from me even though I never used the product of course I never read their emails, which I guess included an email I was suppose to decline a membership to. They refuse to let me out of the membership of a newsletter I never read. So I'm paying $16.25 a month for AAWP to spam my mailbox.
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To Answer K:

I personally work with students who purchase our wedding-planning course and I am proud of all the time and attention that I dedicate to my career and to them.

The back-and-forth format of my essay questions allows me to personally interact with each student. It also gives me great insight into if the student is learning correctly, and what I can do to get them on the right track. If I ask follow-up questions, it’s for a very good reason. When I am satisfied that a student is learning correctly they move on, but not before!

We at AAWP pride ourselves on our customer support and I am personally available anytime a student or AAWP member needs me!

My course isn’t easy. It’s challenging and rewarding and I am so glad to be a part of each of my student’s learning experience and their goal to become a successful wedding planner.


To respond to SS:

We at AAWP pride ourselves on answering all support issues—within 24 hours!

Our “terms and conditions” are available on each and every page of our website. Furthermore, when you purchase our course, they are prominently displayed in a dropdown box for easy reading and review. There’s nothing to hide—and they must be agreed to BEFORE course purchase.

We believe that our course and membership in our organization goes much further than just offering education in wedding planning. What’s the point of taking a course if you have no support when it comes to building a successful business? And that’s where our membership comes into play and that’s why it’s such a valuable asset to each and every person who takes our course.

If any of you are thinking of a career in wedding planning, think no further. I personally work with each student who takes the AAWP Professional Wedding Planning Course. In other words, I am here for you—during the course and long afterward—and AAWP membership makes that possible!

Thank you!


I will answer Ms. Bogg's complaint first.

This complaint is not accurate. Ms. Rebecca Boggs signed up
for our Professional Wedding Planning course on 6/12/09. She downloaded our
complete, copyrighted course, and we can prove it. We have all database
records. It is up to Ms. Boggs as to whether she takes the tests or not. 

TWO months later, on 8/17/09, she sent an email asking to cancel, and after she had downloaded our course. No one ever said to her, "'Tough luck',
we don't give refunds."

Here's what she said (8/17/09): "I went into this with a partner. She was going to school for business and we were going to create a company together. She found out she failed this semester and would have to repay to take the whole semester over so she decided to hold off.”

After two months and the fact that she had our course, cancellation was not an option, but here's our email in response to her request.

"Hi Rebecca: I'm sorry, but you can't (cancel). Forget about your friend and do this on your own. It's a wonderful opportunity and we'll help you develop your business, which you can start part-time to avoid risk. If she failed a semester, she probably would have failed the course, also. :-)"

"Tough luck"??? Hardly.

Our terms of cancellation and membership, etc. are available in our "terms and conditions" (which are posted on each page of our website) and they must be agreed to before purchase of our course. Ms. Boggs agreed to these terms and conditions when she bought our course. It is up to her to read those terms and know what her responsibilities are.

I offered to give Ms. Boggs an additional one-year's membership FREE in AAWP, so that she would not lose her investment and get her wedding-planning certification. She refused.

It’s one thing to have a dispute with a company, but it’s another to willfully and maliciously try to destroy a company’s good reputation and hard work—and that’s what this post is all about.

Thank you for your time.


OMG! I'm going through the same *** with this company right now!

They won't respond to email's or phone calls. I'm going to file a complaint and have to cancel my credit card over this "membership" dues, which is a pain in the rear. This is no way to do business! Also, small print, it must be so small that I can't even see it on their website anywhere.

That email that you get to renew your account also has a place for you to cancel your account, which doesn't work when you click on it! Very disappointed in this company.



I signed up for my online class.

Took the first set of tests. Each question I anwswered correctly she would add more questions to it before she would "pass me" I have several questions that were not even on the test that she would ask me in order to pass. I asked her why so many questions that im suppose to answer when Ive already answered the test questions and her response was " i want to make sure you get it" well ... If the question is _____ and I answer it correctly then I should move on . Now get 4 questions added to each answer.

I had issues with going on there online courses. I had issues with customer support getting back to me. I have logged into that website maybe total 20 times and I would say half I had problems with .

I told her I was cancelling the class and she said " you cant cancel" well yes Debroah I CAN cancel !!! She charged my card today and I emailed her saying that I cancelled almost a month ago and she said sorry again you CANT cancel.

So I contacted my credit card company and submitted a report on her.


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