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Microsoft took money for time unused

So It all begins with about 4-5 month back when I first selected to cancel my month-to-month payment of Live gold time. Seems simple enough, just select the cancel option under the account management and everything should be done with. Right Well exactly the month after I made the first cancellation I get a hit on my account, then another, and yet one more. Called to investigate this, and as it turns out you 'have' to cancel thew auto-billing on the website. No other way around it. Okay, I'll pass that one off on my own fault. So for an alternate reason I have to cancel the given card on file. Which helps with this problem as well, or so I thought. I turn on my console about 2-3 weeks ago and it tells me my account is suspended from online. 'What the ***?' I ask myself and call to fix the previously stated problem, again not all too offset by this. I check up my finances when I get paid like usual to find a $16 charge filed on my account from Microsoft. I'm curious at this point, As I was not told of any kind of balance or anything when I had previously called. So I get a hold of someone who, through the period of 15-20 minutes ends up feeding me the same two lines about how I was suppose to call 'before' when I did. As well as the fact that there was nothing that could be done about any kind of refund or consolation for the time I clearly did not use. At this point I am thoroughly pissed. Though I do not yell or anything at the person on the other end. They are quite likely just doing what the bigwigs up in the MS main office are telling them to. So I just end up telling her sorry I wasted both our time, and wish them a nice day. In closing, I am sure they have this information on the site somewhere. Though poorly marked and I am ultimately unsatisfied with how their service works and how they expect us to be practically psychic.
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