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BidNip - This site sucks. they don't place your bids. wasted my time and money

failed to place my bids on several occasions. the service in my opinion sucks. don't waste your time or money with this horrible service. they used to be good, but they no longer do the job. they tell you that your password is not correct, but then you verify it and it is accurate. they tell you your bid was not high enough, another lie. they tell you the time for the snipe was too short, that's a lie. they don't respond to your customer service inquiries. THEY DON'T MIND CHARGING YOU FOR THE SNIPES, BUT THEY DON'T EXECUTE THEM. I would never recommend them to anyone. THEY SUCK!!!! *** grade.
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I have had the same problem on my last two snipes that I have lost. No Bid Placed.Technical support doesn't answer queries.Site is rubbish.


My last two snipes have been the same.I lost them both as No Bid Placed.Technical support not answering my query.Delay set at 10 sec and account Verified.The site is rubbish. I have changed and will try another Nipper.

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Bidnip Bidding
  • No bid placed on 2 consecutive snipes
  • That they did not place bids
  • Failure of service
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Bad quality