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Heard a lot of their ads and I thought I would give them a try for Mother's Day. Though even at the advertised "sale" price of $39 for 12 chocolate dipped berries it seemed expensive to begin with (you can get the same things at the Wal-Mart deli for $10). However, I...
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Asset Acquisition Group Violating WV Law

Asset Acquisition Group Violating WV Law
AAG purchased a 6 year old debt from Wells Fargo. The debt was last reported by Wells Fargo as $23,779 in November 2009. As soon as AAG bought it, the debt suddenly jumped to $35,810 in March 2010 and $37,784 in May. They did not reply to my FDCPA letter for verification and ignored my follow up cease communications letter as well, both of which I had mailed certified with return receipt. On June 1 I turned everything over to WV Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Division. They were very interested and said this company had multiple violations in the state and were already under investigation and told me if I received anything else or the company sued to contact their office immediately. WV state law forbids a debt collector from adding interest or fees to a purchased debt and Calvary and National Service Bureau were recently sued for doing just that. "The second suit brought by the Attorney General McGraw's Consumer Protection Division contends that Seattle Service Bureau, Inc., which does business as National Service Bureau, of Shoreline, WA, is also unlicensed to collect debts in West Virginia and has added illegal interest, collection fees andother charges to debts allegedly owed by West Virginia consumers. State law says that except for certain education loans collection agencies are prohibited from adding fees to the debts they attempt to collect." West Virginia residents, do NOT deal with this company, contact the Attorney General Office if you receive anything from them. You may be in for a big payday if they attempt to sue you, because it sounds like they might not even be licensed or bonded to collect debt in WV.
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Rebecca,They are relentless fraudsters. They have set up fake corporations all over to bully people to give them money.


Does anybody know whether this company was licensed and bonded in the state of West Virginia in 2002? I had the misfortune of dealing with this company and they put a lien on my real estate.

They are also charging interest and fees on a debt they bought from Keybank. Any information would be very much appreciated.


Rebecca,They are relentless fraudsters. They have set up fake corporations all over the country so they can bully people to give them money.


This is the worse company to work for I'm ashamed to even have told people that I worked for this company. I honestly don't undersstand how they are even in business.

I've witnessed an employee yelling at a debtor on the phone tell them to "shut up an listen" I general manager Jim D should not be a manager. He tells his collectors that they suck an that he can do a better job. Well my response to that is he sucks an should not be a manager. This company seemes to thaink that sexual harrassment is okay an do nothing about it.

I know this for a fact because I was a victum of it from my manager Otis Davis who still is employeed with this company an guess who gets fired when filing a sexual harrasment case?? The victim does I got fired shortly after telling HR. This company violates all the FDCPA rulse. There all about self and money..

I hope that if you owe this company don't work with them an if you live in Aurora Co an need a job DON'T ever apply there.... there s nothing but sick people that work there an I wish I would have never given them my time or effort

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