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Lenore Silverman Attorney - Lenore Silverman - Oppressive Education Attorney

Lenore Silverman, an attorney with the extremely oppressive law firm of Fagen, Fulfrost, has used her law license in California to oppress special education children and their families. This very ruthless lawyer, in cooperation with her employer, Fagen, Fulfrost, law offices thereof, have spend decades helping California school districts deny special education to those children whom so very desperately need it. School Districts use extremely large sums of tax dollars to pay, Lenore Silverman, and other attorneys at Fagen, Fulfrost law firm, to help them from providing free and adequate educations FAPE to those educationally deprived children due to their learning disabilities. Write your legislators, senators, etc., objecting to this practice of denying special ed school children their needed interventions.
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she was at my child's iep meetings for years--and delayed the processes, treated me and my husband like idiots and insulted my child with special needs in an iep meeting. When I proposed solutions that would cost the sfusd 1/4 of the cost of the school's proposed program, she stonewalled it--she would rather pay $100,000 per year for a poor program than $25,000 for an appropriate program.

she is intimidating and is not working towards solutions.

went up against her three times in due process and settled in our favor each time. a horrible person to deal with


In addition to the above SHE HAS a special needs child--unbelievable


I TOTALLY agree with everything written above. She wastes so many billable hours stalling parents at taxpayers expense.

She calls meetings and invites all sorts of school employes who haven't worked with the child in years and tells them what to say. This year in addition to her usual $500,000 annual yearly billable hours, she has asked for an additional $250,000. Honestly, when the schol district asks taxpayers for more money, they should vote a resounding NO until the district starts spending the money on the children instead of an overpaid underqualified lawyer. Let Carlos Garcia KNOW that this has to STOP!!

Let lenore go soak another district. She has been fired out of two other districts.

Why is SF so ***? :x


I couldn't agree more with the comments above. I've never seen someone so hostile towards the rights of the disabled and antagonistic towards parents of these children.

What's amazing is that Silverman -- a private attorney with no training in special education --appears to be running and administering the City of San Francisco's special education department. Needless to say, this is a huge dis-service to public education not to mention a substantial waste of our taxpayer money.

About the only person who appears to be benefitting from this is Silverman herself who is lining her pockets with public money used to inhibit and prohibit our disabled childrens' access to their legally entitled education and services. I can't imagine how she can sleep at night.

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Oak Grove School District - Oak Grove Union School District - Racist Superintendent

Noel Buehler, Superintendent Oak Grove Union School District is a blatant RACIST. This man has single handedly destroyed our child's education and future. He has refused to provide our child (whom is African American) a Free and Appropriate Education "FAPE" and has intentionally violated the "No Child Left Behind Act." Noel Buehler, has even gone so far as to hire an admitted alcohol/drug abuser as a special ed teachers aid to work in science and math with our child and others in our school district. What a guy..! When parents object, Buehler and his staff place the blame on the parents. Don't send your children to this school district.
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Way to play the race card. Is this what you are teaching your child, if things don't go their way cry racism?

@Jason Tillo

Jason dear, you have it wrong baby. The child was horribly treated, called names in class by teachers, kicked out of class for having after shaving lotion on, and blatantly discriminated against because of his medically diagnosed educational disabilities, which the school district and their attorneys spent a lot of money on so to prevent the child from receiving "No Child Left Behind Benefits." :cry

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