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No Response from Megabus Regarding Psychotic Bus Driver

On a Megabus trip from Rochester to NYC (M-24) on May 27, 2010, the entire bus was subjected to the psychotic behavior of a driver who needs to be evaluated for serious psychological issues. To make matters worse, just a few days later, I emailed customer service at Megabus and sent a letter to the president of Coach USA but have not even received a "auto response" stating that my complaint was received. It's as if they are ignoring me completely. Well, they don't realize who they are dealing with. I have always had a pretty decent experience on Megabus until now. Here is what our driver did on our trip: 1) Yelled at me (actually YELLED) for boarding the bus without first showing ticket. Entire group was upset by this scene and they said so to the driver. But he ignored everyone. 2) Did not allow me to sit in the seat of my choice….said NO ON was allowed to sit there. But at another stop, allowed someone he knew personally to sit in that seat. 3) When a passenger asked the driver why the Wi-Fi wasn't working, the driver said It's working. If you can't connect to the Internet, it's not my problem. 4) When a passenger told the driver she had left her food at the counter in the rest stop, the driver allowed her to go back to get it but then said out loud to the entire bus That's a smart passenger for you. And he laughed. 5) Drove erratically the entire trip…speeding up beyond the speed limit, then jamming on his brakes and taking curves very sharply, making most of us fall out of our seats. He also cursed and yelled at two other vehicles (one was a car and the other was a bus). He used language that I will not repeat here, but in both cases was trying to incite a fight. To the "powers that be" at Megabus and Coach USA, if you want to stay in business and you don't want something and quick to respond to your customers' concerns.
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She must be the same one who now drives between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and Philadelphia. She stops the bus on the PA Tpke to "look" at her tires, but takes a smoke break.

She tells everyone their ticket schedules are wrong.

She won't answer questions. And, she swerves all over the road.



Here is the letter i sent to megabus, i was insulted!!!

Dear Mr, Mrs

I would like to make a complaint against the driver concerning my trip from New York City to Toronto, i was insulted by the driver at about 4:00 am when we stopped to change the driver, it was the first driver who drived us from New York City to Syracuse, not the one who drived from Syracuse to Toronto.

I tried to open the back door when the front door was openned and i didn't see it was openned, i told to the driver i was sorry and he insulted me "sucker" because i tried. I do not tolerate to be insulted this way for free.I didnt respond to his insult.

I would like to thank you to give me the name of the driver to make a complaint.

Here is my informations:

Reservation Number, etc...

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