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Aspen Dental (Fort Wayne, IN) is a waste of time! & money!

I've been into Aspen Dental 7 times for one filling. filling. the first dentist did the filling. in this process, he says "oops!". I'm completely numb on the whole left side of my face, thinking, "Hmmmm...that doesn't sound quite right!" next time I go back with pain in the same area assuming it was the same tooth. new dentist says, "we are going to have to take the filling out and redo it". "the other dentist didn't clean out all the decay". Okay. I'm good with that. 2 weeks later. still pain in the same area. the new dentist says "we'll grind it down. It's probably too high". *sigh...still pain chewing. next visit, I'm like look...check your x rays from before and after. Oops!! the first dentist chipped the tooth behind it. so guess what. they go in and fix the tooth that was chipped. you got it! still not right! "Ohh there's a ledge in there." "we have to numb your mouth Again...and grind it down." "If this doesn't work, we will have to take the filling out (for the 3rd time) and redo it. I've lost count of how many visits for the same simple problem. It's still not right and now for the first time in my whole life, I have an actual tooth ache. the Indiana Dental Association suggests going to another dentist. after all the money I've paid Aspen Dental for the inital visit. now I'm going to have to go to another dentist to get the solution.
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I have had my previous dentures for 28 years. I went to Aspen last year to have my uppers replaced.

They said it would be two weeks and talked me into the most expensive because of the warranty and strength of the dentures. It took over a month to get them and have them fit right.

It has been less than a year and in three day period two of my teeth just fell out. I would not recommend Aspen dental to anyone.


Just a general comment - my wife went in for new uppers and lowers - Aspen somehow mixed up the finished sets with another customer and actually tried to fit them into my wife anyway! There is just no substitute for a good dentist. Aspen is nothing more than a Redi-Med for teeth, and you get what you pay for.


By the way - this was in Fort Wayne, not Indy.


I have used the services at the Aspen Dental location off Parnell Ave. in the Fort one time and it was a favorable one.

This was on a Saturday...early A.M. I awoke and a tooth had abscessed and the pain was getting worse. My local dentist is not open on Saturdays...I called and he said he could see me on Monday. I called Aspen by 10:30 am and they said they were open until noon.

I arrived at 11:40 am, they got me in quickly, did X-rays, diagnosed the issue/tooth and drilled through the ceramic crown w/o cracking it.

They did warn me it may crack and need replaced but I understood the situation - didn't care It needed the abscess removed. In no time it seemed they had extracted the problem, filled the 'well' which I can still see in future x-rays my home dentist had taken and I was able to attend a function my wife and I had planned on doing for a couple of weeks before. I was very happy w/ their service, ability, and billing. My insurance paid a portion (60%) but they were out of network.

Overall it depends on the dentist you matter what office you go to.

I know Aspen has more overhead than most small-town independent dentists but I was treated fairly at the Parnell location. No complaints.


I went to Aspen Dental in Fort Wayne. The one on Illinois Road.

I can understand losing the temporary crowns in the first week. The first permanent crown to taffy. MY BAD. The second permanent to a hard shell taco.

Had to make multiple visits for all four crowns. I gave up on crowns and asked if they would just pull the tooth in one visit. I was clear about that. I get there and they tell me its to look at it and do an x-ray.

I left. Why can they advertise one day visit on dentures, but cant pull my tooth in one visit? They lied to me! Straight up!

I do have insurance. Even though I'll never be a CEO of a major company, my time is important to me.

I also get stressed by dentists. Why would I want to have so many visits?


I went to Aspen Dental in 2007 because my tooth had abscessed. The "dentist" didn't believe me when I said that I could still feel pinching after he numbed the area so I felt every pull and twist.

After the tooth was finally out, he didn't even give me an antibiotic for the infection! Luckily I had some antibiotics so I didn't die from the infection spreading.

Also in the process of pulling the tooth, he cracked another.

I have told everyone not to go to Aspen. They do nothing to help and may end up killing you!


i had apt today at aspen dental...........apt is at 5:30 i finally get my tooth wked on around 6:30 and after she numbs me and they blow air on it i say hmm i can still feel the pain so dentist reply's no way i just numbed it...ok then im done and go to the office mgr for ck out and she does her thing.. get in my car and the dumb *** fixed the tooth next to the tooth that hurt,it had a sight cavity but didnt hurt so now i will b finding another dentist!


My children both need their wisdom teeth removed and our insurance pays for the Aspen dental company. After reading all of the comment I cannot bring myself to take them there.

I will have to figure out another way to pay for the work out of my pocket. Their life is to precious to send them where the insurance company says to go!!!!!!


I was going to have a wisdom tooth and another tooth removed but now I am not sure. Dentists are so expensive and have long wait times at least these people will get you in.

It seems like money is all everyone is interested in not the patient. :) :)


:) Thank You very much for this info. It's greatly appreciated!

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