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I would never buy this type of "Insurance" from anyone, not even dealer extended warranties. It's just not worth it. Since 2002 my family (4 of us) & I have owned 9 different vehicles. I keep a spreadsheet of all repairs & maintenance done on these cars & pickup trucks since the day we owned them to the day we sold, totaled or junked them. Maintenance & Repairs included everything from oil changes every 5,000 miles, tire rotations, cabin filter replacements, cooling system repairs/flushes, Transmission work, new catalytic converters to new brakes/rotors, new tires, new batteries, steering issues, timing belts, water pumps, back-up camera replacement, tune ups, new exhaust systems, head light replacements, paint touch-ups, and even windshield washer fluid refills & inspection stickers, and ALL work was performed by either a Dealership or local mechanic (Not by owner). Not one vehicle exceeded an average of $1,000 a year, many less than $500/year average. How much do people pay for all that with Car Shield? I'm also pretty sure Car Shield DOES NOT pay for routine preventative maintenance which my figures include. Today's cars are far more reliable than they were when I was 16 in the ...
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They are greedy corporate giants. That's why they why they won't insure car with over 150,000 miles and that's because most cars don't break down before 150,000 miles. BEWARE !!!!!