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Richard k jones is racist man

Butler County Sheriffs Office #143897
“Give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your huddled masses yearning to be free.” This famed quote has adorned the bottom of the Statue of Liberty for a hundred and twenty years. Apparently to officials in Butler County, this statement was only meant for white people.

Yesterday was May 1st, “a day with out immigrants”. Hundreds of people marched through downtown in protest of new immigration laws and reforms, in hopes that the city and nation would realize how much we really do depend on immigrant workers. Immigration has become an increasingly important issue not just in the border states, but even here in Cincinnati.

Today I stumbled upon something that was quite disturbing. It was a blog, to be specific, the Butler County Sheriff’s blog. In 2005, Richard K. Jones was elected to the office of Sheriff. Which I believe was an extremely big mistake. He is a heartless, insensitive man, with only one thought on his mind…to find and expose what he calls “illegals”. These PEOPLE are not illegals, or illegal immigrants, they are simply undocumented Americans.

We ourselves, came to America in 1620 and
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