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VIP block tickets -

This agency was never able to provide tickets to the Michael Buble' concert in Newcastle, May 2010. Despite my repeated phone calls to them and their promises that the tickets would be dispatched in time - they of course never arrived! I booked these tickets 6 months before the concert date. They were the only company to have tickets still on sale. The seats were prime position and I was told this was because they purchased in block groups. I was suspicious but gave them the benefit of my doubt ... how foolish! I am now chasing a full refund .... let's see if that arrives. BEWARE !!!!
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Waiting for reading tickets! Ha its thursday dont think they are coming.

All my lads birthday money went on his ticket.

I am furious. No reply to emails.


Same here! Bought tickets for Michael buble in Jan for concert back in May.

Got hold of them 2 days before to be told couldn't have tickets. Still trying to get my money back :(


We need to do physical damage to these people - London address does not exist - does anyone have any leads?


I paid £360 for Michael Buble Tickets for the 15th May at the O2 for my boyfriends Christamas Present, they sent me an email 3 days prior offering me a total refund and their apaologies. I have yet to have the money refunded to my card and all phone lines are dead and I have wrote a letter of complaint but nothing :( . Has this company gone bankrupt or have they just stitched us all up???


I bought 2 tickets from these thieves in April for the Pink concert in June 26 at Hampden Park. I didn't receive them and that's £120 gone:(.

I have spoken to my bank as I used my Maestro card to pay for them, they advised me to go to the police and trading standards. I am furious that people can steal like this and there isn't much that can be done to stop these lowlives.

I just wish I had used a trusted site, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I do hope these turds get caught though.


i bought 2 tickets for bon jovi from the parasites also, and was caught, i reported this scam company to the ECC and my bank so hopefully they will get what they deserve. i hope they prison and are put into a cell with a person that bought tickets from them in the past. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


My wife and I organised Bon Jovi Tickets in Nov for this coming Thursday at the O2 as Christmas gifts to each other and have beed really looking forward to it. We have yet to receive our tickets or even a response to our emails.

The 24hr customer service line is dead and the other numbers we have get no response at all. It has only just dawned on us that we may have been royally stitched up and we were so looking forward to the concert.

we will hopefully get our money back from our card holder but it is much more than that, how can people intentionally stitch you up like this, they need shooting!!! I will do my damdest to take this further!


I have ordered three V festival (2010) tickets for chelmsford red camping at £190 each (Which I doubt are ligit) at the time of buying there was no feedback on this site at all, and various other people were advertising their company!! One report mentioned they have recieved tickets for other events?

Has anyone heard of people who have actually revieved the tickets??

Thanks -


Booked tickets for Michael Buble back in October 2009 for Gasgow 8th May, despite many emails, phone calls never recieved tickets. Were told on the day to meet Agent at Hotel near SECC but he never showed. At least another 20 couples bought tickets from VIP and were in the same boat as my wife and I.

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