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Norris Homes - Poor quality,no communication me and the clayton workers

footers for my brand new norris elkmont was dug without my being on my property to tell them where i wanted the home placed.i was at the dealership at the time.they called me that day & said they needed me to come buy to talk over some things.they done this just so the guy could put the house where it was easiest for him to do so.they never told me when he was coming to dig holes for the footers.4 missing shutters ,2 white colums & 2 missing cabinets.when calling about this i was told our home did'nt come with these items. i told her look again.30 min. later after she looked at there lot model she called and said o.k. we will bring these to you as soon as we can but one of the cabinets has been discontinued.yeah corner of siding was damaged when they set up the home. they never fixed it.after a few weeks when the linolium floors began to warp they came to make repairs , showing up at any time with not so much as a phone call to say they were on there way.when this one guy had to pull the fridge out to get to the flooring he turned off the water supply to it and pushed it back in its place.why ? i guess to be an as#hole.same guy asked to use the bathroom. after they left i found that he had pissed all over the toilet and didnt even raise the seat.they came out quite a bit for repairs but never let us know the laminate floors are are seperating,i have had to repair 6 cabinets because of the cheap junk they use to make them slide.half the doors wont stay shut.while replacing a light bulb i noticed that the vents above the doors were partially blocked because the guy who installed the walls didnt take time to cut out *** for the vents.had to adjust most all the cabinet doors cause they were uneven.shower door and the screen to the sliding glass door wont stay in track.most of the windows are hard as *** to open and theres at least 5 others that wont stay completly open, they fall down.decided to replace some carpeting with laminate flooring,when i pulled up the carpet i found some nasty little bugs were living under my carpet not to mention the trash they left behind.nails,screws pieces of tar paper,plastic sawdust,scraps of wood all under the carpet and in every cabinet,behind the fridge,the oven.and this was when the house was brand new before they even began doing repairs.oh,did i mention that i was unplugging a toaster in the kitchen and the entire electrical outlet pulled completly out of the wall!is this safe? i think not.i've got about 20 yrs. to pay this place off.if i knowed that a law suit would go thru for me i would take there as#s to court and force them to pay it off.then sell it to the next *** and build me a real home.thanks alot clayton norris of north east tenn.
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Have you found a "ligitimate" site to watch the world cup games? I agree, this site and MANY others are simply scams to make money. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


Thank you for your comments. My husband & I are in the process of deciding on a double wide for our farm.

Clayton Homes has bought up about every company out there & we're afraid to buy from them after reading the tons of negative comments. Does anyone out there have a Southern Energy home? They're the only ones who will modify for handicap friendly needs.

Is there anyone who has purchased from Clayton in Clarksville, TN? Their prices are extremely high & we question their potential service.


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