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Ashley Furniture-Portales New Mexico-Poor Manufacturing and more!

I ordered the dura plush mocha sofa and love seat, a week or so later the cushion you sit down on started to have lumps in it. They ordered new parts, said it would be in within 3 weeks. It took more like 6 weeks, and then it was the wrong part!!! I'm still waiting to have that issue resolved, and we got them 2 1/2 months ago. They want to take the sofa I have and repair instead of just replacing it, which I would prefer. We also ordered the Berringer counter height table from them about a month after the couch and love seat. Delivery was quick for both items. BUT I got this table and I was not happy with the quality at all! There were scratches on the table, gouges in a leg, and where the leaf was there was a drop of glue that would not come off, also there was a nick on the table top, which you could see they filled with wood putty and tried to stain it to match. That was really noticeable because it shined. I called them and it was obvious they were not happy I called. They had the warehouse manager come out to look at the table and the couch. The manager said he would replace the table, but would have given me a harder time if it was only scratches! The other issues are worse in my opinion! Also they had a delivery guy try to remove the glue, which after he got it off the table was smooth and shiny there. I took pictures of everything before anyone came by, which I recommend you do as well! They came by today to bring me the new table, and I am just so frustrated with them. This new table looked fine until i got to the far end of the top. It looked like a screw driver had put a good deep scratch in the table and again they tried to fill it with putty and wood stain. I could see it easily two feet away! There was no way I was accepting it! I called the store and tried to deal with them. I gave them two options...either get me a new table or I'll keep my old one with new legs and discount. They opted for my second option. I was fine with it because there would be no guarantee that the THIRD table wouldn't have had problems either and I just didn't want to mess with them anymore over it. My discount was 20%. I was thinking it would be for the whole set, no I was wrong. I'm only getting the 20% off of the table alone. When I previously had problems with the table AND legs. Granted I have new legs but I still had to deal with their poor manufacturing of my old ones. Also each chair was wobbly, the delivery guys fixed that but I have some scratches in two of the backs, which they are sending me new ones for. We'll see how long that takes. It's been about 2 weeks so far. I can assure you I will NOT be ordering from Ashley furniture ever again! Also my parents were going to order a leather recliner sofa and love seat from them, but because of my problems with them, they have also decided not to purchase anything from them. There's a loss of at least $2000. I even told the warehouse manager to make sure this table is in tip top shape otherwise he'd be getting it back. It's frustrating when you pay so much for furniture and it's not near in the condition it should be! So buyers, BEWARE!!!
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If you think Ashley furniture is over priced you are out of your mind. Go to a real furniture store and see how expensive furniture REALLY is!


I bought a new house March of 08, I was so excited to have anew house and new furniture. I purchased a sofa that had a hide a bed, the sofa cushions after you sat on them were flat, the bed frame was broke, it took 4 weeks for them to return my sofa after repair of the bed, and they were to restuff the cushions which I can't tell if they did.

Also I purchased a dining room set that in the year and half I have had it has been used maybe 7 times the chairs are week and naturally no warranty on them, what if it was a everyday table it wouldn't have lasted 2 months.

I will not purchase another piece of furniture from any Ashley store. Very poor quality, over rated and over price.



The store is doing what it can. Tell you the truth, you did THEM a favor by not letting your parents buy anything there!

Paying a lot for furniture? At the Ashley store? Give me a break.


The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

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