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702 Autocare - Retarded Idiots

I got a quote from Harold BULLSH***** self for a T-5 tranny he told me $700 but when I went in they said it was going to be $1100. I paid $1000 up front, they said all the had to do was order it, they said it would take 2-3 days its been two weeks and they nothing it's all a different excuse or a different story ever time i call. I call today and the Dumb*** phone picker upper hung up on me. What can i do to get my money back i'm tired of waiting, don't got the time nor the money to ride the bus everyday because they cant work with out Harold! Worst shop in Las Vegas maybe even the world! DONT EVER GO THERE!
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hey "harold gomez" why dont U quit *** with good honest people? lying, tricking and scamming out of their money and destroying their cars u *** *** artist ***-hole.

we dont need lowlife lying ***-bag thieves like u in this country, taking advantage of good people, cheating them and exploting the system for your criminal activity. as you *** ppl over, dismantle their cars, scam their money and blow them off. we see right thru U...go back to mexico and pull your illegal scams instead of raping honest decent law abiding americans with your deceitful bulshitt. your not wanted here.

GTFO! word on the street says its **GAME OVER** for your cr00ked asss soon anyway :)


Please contact my law firm if you still need help. i have another client that I am working with to get his vehicle and or money back.



Who wants to do a class action against 702 autocare?


I think we should all get together and file on suit on Harold Gomez and Tony Gomez. 466-****


This place SUX. I wish i never even heard of them.

They have had my truck for 6 weeks and it hasn't even moved.

They pulled the engine and that is all, i cant even get it out of there. DO NOT GO HERE


i took my truck there 3 monhs ago to have a tranny put in by harold paid upfront $2700 i was supposed to have my truck in 3 days, 2 weeks later i finally got my truck back now its there again because i supposably have a "warranty" now told me that my rims are too big and tranny went out due to 22" rims, so i went out bought new rims and tires now to find out that the gears are bad, now i have a feeling that the truck is sold in mexico, now i still have no truck no rental vehicle, they took my truck to another shop without my consent and he still wont give me the number to where it is....this guy is a *** joke he needs to have his doors shut if anyone would like to help with a claim let me know i got one going on now and will be closing those doors he does not need to be in business when he doesnt answer anyones calls, nor call back email me if u would like to talk about this so called company.... bmxer150@***.com


Dud u might be waiting for like 5 months. I took my car there 5 months later and its still not done. I put a small claims case against them

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