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Rewards program is changing for the worse!

Subway #1451759
So basically this is how it works. If you had existing rewards points Subway took those points and multiplied them by 8. So if you had 300 points you now have 2400 tokens. SO you first got screwed there because you had enough tokens to get 3 footlong subs under the old program. Now you only have enough for 3 sybs. This is all based on the $6 footlong. So if your someone that usually bought a club ($9 sub) you get screwed even more. The reality is you got a point for every dollar spent on the old program you had to spend $100 to get a free footlong sub. A footlong sub was 100 points. NOW, in order to get that free footlong sub (if its a club you buy) your going to need approximately $10 in tokens, to get those tokens your going to have to spend $200 now. So the gist is this........ Subway basically cut the rewards program in half. My advice, if you have a Blimpie..... go there. Their "Blimpie EClub" is Join the Blimpie eClub and you’ll receive an exclusive offer with every email. Buy One Get One Free Sub, $1 off any sub. So its still dollar for dollar. Oh yeah and btw, if you dont use yuor new Subway rewards, they expire in 90 days from the date you earned it. So yes all around better program for Subway.... NOT THE CUSTOMER!!!
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I wish i had a Blimpie sub shop! You just saved me alot of typing--you hit all points of their stupid new program--rip off!!!!! But you do have 12 months to use your old points/tokens!