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Robbed by *** Shazia N Chowdhury, Miramar FL, Shazia Chowdhury

While browsing through the "adult services" ads on Craigslist I came across the ad of an escort by the name of Shazia, so I decided to call her (her phone number is 954 442-****), and she told me over the phone 80 roses ($80), so I agreed and had her come over. I paid her upfront, we done our thing, I went in the bathroom for a minute to clean up, when I came back out she was gone along with my $5,000 Rolex and my wallet which contained $400. Don't ever use her, she robbed me she will rob you too. I called her afterward several times to try to recover the merchandise that she stole from me, and then she had someone else call me back and threaten me. I researched her phone number (954) 442-****, and discovered her full name is Shazia N. Chowdhury and she lives at 16897 South West 51st Street, Miramar FL.
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Hey Joe, ik this is old but can you email me, it's something important. Reply back to this comment so ik your still active.


:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin sorry Joe still laughing.

@Dumb're too funny! but oh so true about the dumb criminal story.

Hey Joe sound familiar?


Joe,seriously? Ok first of all I would love to hit you upside your head for bringing a *** to your house.

You should've met elsewhere. #2 Why would you leave her alone with your personal belonging in the same room? Why didn't you kick her out as soon as you "did your thing"? See a piece of ***, a 5 minute thrill, a skanky ***, and all those other names they call these dirty bit13es, are nothing but trouble.

Hopefully you learned your lesson. Dude seriuosly though I had to laugh at your stupidity. Sorry 'bout the theft, but come on man, next time think with your brain not the head in your pants. You see where that got you.

Make sure you get tested too, she may have left you a surprise.

And now I will go back to rolling on the ground from laughing so hard. :grin :grin :grin


So, let's see. You hired a ***, got what you payed for and then got robbed!

Wait until your HIV test comes back positive and then you might have something to complain about!

Your like the *** who calls the cops to tell them that somebody stole their drugs and they want them back!

You sir are a *** ***!!

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