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I found them through email and falsely advertised a job for $15/hour. What they didn't say is it's $15/appointment. This bait-and-switch thing they pulled is criminal. Also, they didn't respect my time during the interview process. They told me it would take 90 minutes but turned into more than 2 hours. The folks who work there didn't care about my time. I asked if I could leave the application and they said it would probably lessen my chances of being hired. It is disgusting how much they used a scare tactic like that. I thanked them for the presentation and they did not acknowledge my gratitude. Bunch of ***!
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I work for Vector and I think it's a great opportunity. If you're not making money, then you're not working hard enough.

People complain that they don't make money, but if you're not making money, then you're simply not doing your job. And i think a lot of it depends on the manager. I happen to have an awesome manager that I'm constantly learning from. I made over 200 in my first three days alone and I worked hard to earn it.

If you work hard and sell to the right people, it's a great way to make money and gain some valuable experience. And if you're seeing the right people and making sales, then your commission will be way more than your base pay and you won't even need it.

And the more you sell, the higher your commission gets. It really is a great way to get some extra money.


You are full of *** and I bet you aren't working there anymore.


Their interview process is described is how they *** out candidates with no stick-to-it'ness. If you can't last the interview you won't succeed selling Cutco.

I too found it odd when I sat through this extended interview. I stayed and was hired and found it to be one of the best opportunities for work during college.

Allowed me to work around class schedule and I made better $ than the $15/ hour. The experience I received was tremendous.


To Stephen, it sounds like your experience was more just with one manager rather than the entire company being a scam as you say, especially as they had had other complaints about the manager you were working with. The company itself is great and the idea behind it fantastic, as it gives younger people the opportunity to earn a lot of money, working flexible schedules during school as well as gain marketability after college.

Where the problem lies is not with the company, but with individual managers. What a lot of ppl tend to do is blame an entire company for a bad experience with one person, we do it all the time. Restaurants- a bad waiter and we won't go there again, stores- bad experience with ONE sales person etc. It's the people not the company itself.

That said, the "bad" people are few and far between. It's just an unfortunate experience that I'm sorry people have. I've met so many wonderful people with Vector, so my experience has been really positive.

Our nation is just one who for whatever sad reason, focuses on the negatives of something more than the positive. It gets more acknowledgement even when there is more good in the situation.


I just started working at Vector a week ago and I have to say its a pretty good job. If you work hard the incentives should more than make you happy especially if you're in high school or college considering a minimum wage of $8.25 wont get you far.

I did not have to pay for my demo kit nor did I have to make a deposit on it. I have sold $2120 CPO for my fast start so its not too hard to make sales plus there is always the base pay ($16.75 for my office) to fall back on if you have a bad week.

Overall I think its a good job especially if you're young and need experience to pad your resume.


I worked for vector for a short time back in 06. Its definitely a scam.

First of all why do they only target young people? Mostly kids straight out of high school that have no real world work experience. When I went for my interview everybody was young except for one man who was probably late 30s. He was dismissed right away while everybody else got to stay.

Probably because he wouldn't be naive enough to fall for their b.s. Second, I experienced the false start. I started off doing well selling 1000s of dollars of their products. Even got to go on a trip to a business conference held for the top selling salespeople.

When i got my paychecks they weren't as promised. I even had some money missing on one between what I sold and my commission.

I was promised a certain percentage of what I sold but on this check my commission wasn't close to the right percentage of what I had sold. When I confronted them about this I never got any answers just b.s.


For the ones saying good things about them where do you guys work because when i worked for them i got scammed my manager even said we had to bring in picture of him we find on the internet to get our checks thats like the most craziest thing i have ever heard in my life. everyone be warned that they will promise so much but deliever so little


i worked for vector in 05 after high school and was promised alot of things that werent true. I even called the headquerters and complained about my manager and the lady told me she had gotten alot of complaints on him. It really was a waste of 4 months so dont waste yours with this scam company


I've been contracted with Vector for over 8 years; in that time I've sold close to half a million. I can say confidently it's not a scam; just a contract, commissioned sales opportunity, with a big advantage in that their company culture is fun and positive. All carrot, no stick. The company has been continually updating practices over the time I've been there, so many of the complaints you'll hear aren't even valid anymore. (e.g., having to pay for a demo kit)

BTW, NOAH, in Noah Goffena selling $6500 in his fast start, (1st 10 days) he'd make $1125, and probably get another $1000 or so in free product. And he'd make $1775 on his next $6500 in sales, and $2300 on the $6500 after that; end of the month, he's made $5200. So yeah, its a "real sales job." Good luck making THAT your first month as a realtor, loan officer or in insurance, especially in this economy.

If anything they promote too quickly; sometimes people go into management that shouldn't, which is where I'd say most of the complaints come from. I've out-lasted the four out of five district managers that I've worked with. Some were great, others were not. Some are *** But that's the same with any company, it's not all sunshine and roses.

Bottom line though, my resume is solid gold. When you work hard at Vector, you have hard numbers to prove it, and skills that bring true job security.

@Vector Veteran

Hilarious posting!

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