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Vaden Nissan Of Hinesville - Was not happy with the way this Nissan Co handled my business with them when I tried to get a refund/new battery in place of battery that went dead that was still under warranty

Well I had bought a battery back in July 16,2015,i carried it out of the store that day,i did not have to put it in my Nissan car. Ok when the battery went dead Dec 25,2017 Christmas morning,i was very disappointed,cause this battery was a 7 year warranty battery. I have been having some absessed teeth pulled,had me very sick. I was just able to get to take the dead battery back to replace it @ the Nisssan car Hinesville Ga. I had talked to someone on the phone,because I couldn't find my receipt where I had bought it,@ no time did he tell me I had to bring my car,so the new battery they replaced for me would be put straight into my Nissan car by their service dept!!! Well when I went in there March 16,2018, they told me I had to have my car,so they could put it in there themselves,being I didn't have the car with me,they came up with they couldn't replace my battery for me or refund me back my $132.99 total that I paid for the 84 Mo battery. I had to wind up paying $68.85 for another battery,but it had to be for 3 yrs warranty,not the 84 Mo I originally bought. How is this right? Yes it was that or take the dead battery home & not have a battery,but this is not acceptable @ all!!! I kept my cool,but I let them know exactly what I thought of this. They said that I couldn't prove that I had not put 36k miles on the battery,i told them that I know I didn't,cause I drive my Mama's car when I go out of town,cause it's better on gas & a SUV,alot better on my back that I've had 3 lower back surgeries on,but anyway they wouldn't budge,i wound up having to pay right @ $ 70 for another battery. This big company is so hard up for money,that they have to stoop to cheating a disabled Woman out of her money that she fully paid for,that every little bit of money I have is very vital to me,cause I am on a disability check,which is not hardly enough to live off of. They tried to placate me,which aggravated me that much more,like I am an idiot,but I know what's right & I know what's wrong. This Nissan Co in Hinesville Ga is very wrong,very greedy!!!! Just know that I am not a happy customer!!!! Sincerely,Beverly Brown
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Flemington, Georgia
Vaden Nissan Of Hinesville Car Part Replacement
  • I did not like how my problem was so called resolved
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