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Carson Pierre Scott

Great sales but the coupons are a joke. One why don't they ever have them at the register? Two they don't apply to half the things I want to buy and three they are very very limited. I sometimes feel like they are almost a bait-and-switch draw just to get you in the store. Flip side, great sales much better than Macy's on the same product. Negative, some of the stores now have centralized registers which give the store a K-mart feel. I expect more from Carson's been shopping there for 40 years.
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Aspen Dental IL dentist kills patient?

This isn't really a complaint but I am posting with a question. Has anyone heard that a patient at this company died as a result of the treatment at an Illinos office? The ladies in my Purpose Driven Life Group were talking about it this morning. Does anyone know the patients name or which Illinos office this was at? We went to the Springfield office once and were disappointed (very very dirty) and would not go back but I heard it was an office closer to Chicago??? Would like to know so we can follow the story in their local news. If true, I hope the dentist goes to PRISON. You should be able to trust your doctor not live in fear for your life!!
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It was a patient at the Bourbonnais Illinois office. She got an infection for the dentists use of unsterile equipment - along with all the other malpractice issues this doctor subjected her patient to. The doctors name is Nadia Chowhan Iqbal is being investigated by the State's Attorneys Office.


Was this dentist disciplined for this act or other acts?


Yes, this Aspen company is unbelievable....they do lie to the patients and take all the money they can....they wil try to get you approved for care credit and other losn options and will have you call all your relatives to co-sign....very non-sterile environment. The offices in rockford area are ran by a woman manager by the name of Carrie. She is ruthless.....just drives her employees to the limit....often time without any breaks through the day. Just recently the manager at the 2nd location in Rockford

was found dead after a car accident. The family called the office 3 days after the accident to speak with Carrie. She would not take the call. They proceeded to blame her for the death of their son saying he committed suicide because she was ruthless to him and was pushing him to be unethical with the patients.

Both office employees were instructed that they were forbidden to attend any part of the deceased employee's funeral or visitation.

This is very wrong.....Where is this district managers heart and conscious? I would hate to be her. No one ever gets away with treating people like this? All back to the almighty dollar.


The patient was from the Moline area. This company is EVIL.

They hire dentists who can't get a job based on their own reputation and cheated their way through dental school. And where do cheats go to companies like ASPEN.

I know three people who have been "paid off" to keep their mouths shut about what Aspen did to them! The State's Attorney needs to step in and put a stop to this before they KILL someone else.


my guess would be your another Aspen Dental employee whos job is to submit fake responses to try and cover your companies piece of *** way of doing business. I personally know a patient that had work at one of your offices and ended up because of what the dentist did having TEN root canals and three teeth pulled.

Aspen dental was caught sending emails to patients who posted here PRETENDING to be a patient.

An email was sent to one of their fake patient email address and was opened at the NY corporate headquarters IP address and then forwarded to twelve dif computer all within the corporate office. Yea they are great!!!!


Omg are u kidding me. Nobody died in a dental chair.

Any sedation the surgeon has to be liscened. Aspen dental sees over 2 million patients a year, according to the website. There are going to be complaints and people that aren't happy. Take a look at this entire web


If Aspen was so illegal and killing patient. (Lol) ummm they wouldn't be in practice in the US.

Wake up!!!! Grow up and pay attention.


Did they die in the dental chair. I heard of a lawsuit a few years ago where they weren't watching the patient during twilight sleep and they were over medicated and died. Dentists are scary they aren't like real doctors who have a higher standard of practice.

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