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Think Tree Technologies - Greedy, crooked, hypocrite, utterly nonprofessional, unethical, unorganized, haphazard people.

I am literally disappointed with the owner like shopkeeper in our native country and his staff of 3-4 receptionists. It looks like to me that this just a training or tuition institute like we all guys have seen in our native country opened at corner of a house in street (gali). But thanks to United States of America where a crooked and backtrackers like Dilip Sadh can make a Tuition Center in to an incorporation. For everybody addressed through this review & also my former fellow classmates my story starts when I asked for a letter of volunteer working with Think Tree Technologies from Dilip Sadh (owner) from the starting of this coursework but he never gave me that instead he pressurized me to give half amount that is $600.00 and after that he asked me to give post dated check of remaining amount of $600.00 and then also he never gave me my volunteer letter. In addition he harassed me number of times by not sending the me links for the Module-1 for which had I already paid. Before enrolling of coursework he started calling me to cajole and coax to get into his rubbish course and similarly to all my classmates (possibly) and making vague promises of marketing. He also made me comfortable by suggesting me to do payment of coursework in installments since I was fresh graduate and of-course the hight when he promised of sponsoring my H1 next year (2011). I do not understand a guy working in Capgemini as Sr. Manager can be such a crooked and also speaks hindi while on professional call and same nonprofessional is his staff who also backtracks by his orders and speaks hindi on professional call. For all people who are reading this review I have one advise and request for you if you are here for marketing, sponsoring for H1 and learning from this tuition center and mastersaab like Dilip hen think twice as this guy he is crooked, hypocrite and above all greedy. To all my friends from India and Master or Bachelor graduates or CPT or OPT guys who inspire to be in SAP; please do not join this institute or Tuition center Edison, NJ I have advice for Tejal Shaw (Receptionist-***-recruiter-*** Councillor) to find some more professional job rather working for tuition center. *** To Tuition Master (Dilip Sadh) and his receptionists if any paragraph or line of this review is not understandable in English please let me know I will write down in hindi or bhojpuri***.
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Hi everyone if there are people like this in NJ why there is no legal actions taken against such people as many innocent people get in the trap and then have to go through bad times and no one helps them


I disagree with the *** making such negative comment on Dilip Sadh. So what if he is like mastersaheb from India or speaks hindi during professional meetings.

This guy has changed lives for many students. Students have to put in extra efforts, and Grandmaster Dilip will put his 2 cent into them. Yes he is running a tuition center like a what!! again HE has changes lives of many many people, who knew nothing and now they are sucessfull individuals.

If you didn't survive his course or his attitude, it because you are a fricken loser you have your self to blame.

Not him. I attended his class 6 six years ago and he is my hero.


I think dilip sadh has written the above praises for him by himself. Cos nobody will like to write good stuff about him.


I totally disagree with you guys,because I have finished my SAP training with Thinktree technologies, they helped me in all sort and because of them I am in a project now..

Thanks Thinktree technologies..


I was about to join their classes...but now I am in double minds...thanks for sharing the u know of a good SAP training in NJ??


I was about to join their course...but now I am in double minds....thanks for sharing this info.


he is good. that I what I have to say. although he is simple and explains things in a exorbitant simple way

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