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Aafes Exchange - Food and Customer Support at AAFEES Concessions is terribe. Cater to non ID Card holders and cannot perform their duties. Managers appear to be the biggest problem. Cannot supervise their employees.

I went to the Yongsan South Post Charleys at 0730 on 17 Mar 18 to have breakfast. I have not eaten there in over 6 months because of poor service and nothing happens when you complain to the manager on duty (Ms. Pak). She smiles and says sorry, but nothing happens. This morning I ordered and thought everything was ok until an elderly Korean Man entered the facility. I was talking with Ms. Pak and she said she was moving to Camp Humphreys in April. At this time the Korean man rudely interrupted our conversation. Ms. Pak was so excited she just run over to personally take his order and prepare his meal. She used the same spatula that she used on his raw steak to move my eggs which is the norm for them, but I don't like it. Nothing mattered except him. The cook finished my eggs before the pancakes were half done. I said the eggs will be cold and she said I am sorry. Ms. Pak busy taken care of the Korean man paid no attention. I walked out and did not ask for a refund. You can keep my money ... not worth the bad service for a few dollars. I have served my county over 43 years in the military and as a civilian working for the military. I have never been treated as rudely as I have here at Charleys over the years. The customers are mostly older Korean men because others do not get good service as they cater to a select few individuals. I believe all customers should be treated equally but here it is not the case and never has been. It is tolerated because nothing happens. When AAFES visits they put on a big show and everyone smiles and greets customers. A serious review of the customer service needs to be reviewed. Sending incompetent employees to other locations is not the fix. Well I have had my say and really do not expect anything to happen. At least I feel better by stating the facts and ask that someone look into this to make sure our Soldiers get good service at Charleys in the future. Thank you In addition, I have received shoddy service at the Yongsan food court for several years. I have complained to the managers (Mr. Son) and immediately saw him talking with his employees and laughing. So of course, nothing changed. My complaint was the cream beef tastes like someone added water. Cannot eat it! He told the manager of the shoppette that he had to water down the cream beef because he sold too much of it. The shoppette manager asked me to wait and talk with Mr Son’s replacement Mr Nam and I did. Mr Nam informed me that they were going to stop serving cream beef in a couple of months and no need to change the way it is. I also talked with the PX manager and was totally ignored. She said I will try to talk with Mr. Son (after I told her I had complained to him several times), but I am moving to Camp Humphreys in a few days, have important visitors today and tomorrow and don’t have much time. I guess moving incompetent people to a larger populated area takes care of their issues. I just ask that someone from AAFEES visit and check out this place unannounced to see firsthand what the Soldiers, Civilians and Contractors have to choose from for their food. No one deserves to be served the way we are. If you contact the PX management you will receive a full-fledged dog and pony show. Visit Daegu too and taste what cream beef should taste like. You will be totally surprised at the difference in taste, professionalism, quality and quantity. No need to visit Humphreys since you moved Yongsan’s best (see above) down there. Is this the best we can do? I know I will not get any resolution by submitting my frustrations about the PX services, but I do feel better getting this off my chest. At least I can get a decent fast food meal off post. Just don’t get the 10% savings on my star card.
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As usual AAFES offered me food coupons for food I cannot eat. Not worth the time to complain.

I only want good food on post so we don't have to go off base to eat. Just wasting my time trying to get this fixed.I have talked to a lot of people in bowling leagues and other large groups and they all state complaining to Aafes is a waste of time.

Very true. It is sad that we cannot get Aafes to fix a food issue.AAFES should contract out their facilities if they cannot perform their duties.If I open a business and want to go broke I will obtain a business plan from AAFES.

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Aafes Exchange Cafe Facility
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Poor customer service
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Train the supervisors and employees to do their job instead of transferring them to Camp Humphreys. They will not get any better after the transfer.