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Aaa Standard Services - Do Not Hire This Company!!!

We hired AAA to clean up after a fire we had. I think others need to be aware of their practices. They give the key code to everyone on the job. Those people in turn give the code to their friends. People were coming in and out of our house freely. While we where in a hotel as they "cleaned". Workers and sometimes their friends were coming in and out of our house at all hours. They also would hide "merchandise" around the back of the house and by the dumpster and come in late at night and pick up the stuff. Sometimes they "work" unsupervised. I would come home in the middle of the day and people would be in the master bedroom just looking at stuff. Or while most people would leave for lunch, they would stay behind and just go through everything. I came home one day for lunch and there were 2 guys in my house while everyone else was out to lunch. I would ask what happened to different things and they would look at each other and shrug there shoulders suggesting "I don't know". While we thought things were going out to be cleaned they where not. They were taken. We only found out about it after going through the boxes once they were returned. AAA knew about the initial theft and yet told no one. Deciding instead to keep it to themselves so they would get paid. Had we known of the first initial incident, we would have moved back in right away to save our stuff. Instead the initial theft of a stereo led to many more items being taken. Because the employee was mad because he had been caught taking a stereo. He came back that night and wiped out half of our basement. Then came back on a Saturday and took everything else. We have lost many precious family heirlooms that will never be recovered. Our valuables are now all over the city of Toledo. Lost forever. If they take down the paper blinds that have been put up in your windows, this is a big red flag. They are doing it so they can see in your house to make sure no one is home. We hired a company to clean after the "cleaning" was complete and they would show me buckets of black water. Showing they really didn't do a good job cleaning. They also hire employees from a third party, like Manpower. You could have convicted felons working in your house with an all access pass to everything you own. Get the name of everyone who is working on your home. A quick google search of their name will show that they have a criminal record or not. Have an extra lock on your door that cannot be opened with the key that they have access to. When they are finished, CHANGE YOUR LOCKS! If at all possible, stay in your residence while the work is being done. Don't fall victim to this scam like we did. Watch everyone all the time, even if they seem nice BEWARE!
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Aaa Standard Services Cleaning Service
  • That the employees stole from us
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