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University Of Phoenix - Waste of My Time and FEDERAL LOANS........But GREAT NEWS... I did get a Large Law Firm to Take My Case for Their LIES, SCAMS, and FALSE HOPE AND PROMISES

I completed my Degree in Human Services in 2015 and I tried to take my State Exam to become a Social Worker and found out that the University is not accredited so I could not take the Exam, So I looked further into this and it seemed as thought many, many other past students have the Exact Same problem. So now here I sit with over $52,000 in Student loans that I cannot pay and all I have is a worthless degree, even one of my State Colleges wont even transfer any credits from this worthless Bachelor Degree. SO I seen a earlier post of Federal Lawsuit going on in my home state were a Student is Suing the University so I figured I would look for a law firm, and I am EXCITED to say they took my case!!! I did not know that the University has recorded Student/University Conversations since around 2010 so I will have all the proof I need that I was lied to by the University along with all of my emails. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Finally hopefully some Relief!!! I ENCOURAGE ALL WHO HAVE BEEN SCAMMED, LIED, OR DECEIVED BY UOP ON THIS POST TO SEEK OUT A LAWYER ASAP!!!!
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I finished 2 classes and dropped out, shouldn't they have returned the student loans and just kept the amount for the classes I actually finished? I am about to get wages garnished from US Dept of Ed.

My crazy work schedule is hard to contact the US Dept of Ed. I am hoping someone else has had this issue so I know how to handle it.


HATE THIS FOR-PROFITS! Esp UOP and Capella!UOP = "For-Profit" COMPANY!We students continue to complain (for years!) about dissatisfaction with the instructional (lack of) quality and unacceptable interaction from its faculty.

I found out that even an agency auditor expressed concern stating that it was, "troubling", after having received 1000s of (student) "complaints" over the past years.So, I did a bit of research (below) only adding to my frustration why I enrolled within a FOR-PROFIT (scam) "school" to start. Public and private NON-PROFIT universities offer online education, and are accredited, not under investigation, not scamming its students, are compliant with government (HARKIN'S REPORT, etc.) mandated reporting, etc.2017 Statistics of College Student Graduation Success Rates:- Private “for-profits”: 27% (UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX)- Public: 58%- Private “non-profit”: 65%VIEW:****/how-for-profit-colleges-sell-risky-education-to-the-most-vulnerable

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