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VillaNuria Apart/Hotel SUCKS - Alex Oboils CRIMINAL

When I saw villanuria apart hotel on the internet, It looked nice. I read the good reviews and ignored the bad ones. Wrong thing to do! - The bad reviews were right so I am filing this complaint so others can be informed when traveling to honduras on a missionary trip. The Apart Hotel had small old beds, Pots and pans are dirty and rusty. Kitchenette blinds were melting because the portable burners are right by the window (no other place for it.) I had to sleep with the window blinds open as they wouldn't close. There were no lights on the outside because staff said that they would be stolen so they just left them out. Linens were old and torn, bathroom is very small and had mold. Toliet paper is on the back of the toliet. Maid never replaced paper so we had to purchase additional. The funiture was very small and made of vinyl. We stuck to the seats everytime we set down. The t.v. was a small used looking 13" tv which didn't play but half the time. Villa Nuria has armed security guards all over the place. They aren't there to protect but bully people, especially americans, around. If you walk on the grass you'll get yelled or threatened. If you say anything back, they will put their hand on their gun! The complex is in a Very bad neighbor hood and they have security not for thier guest benifit but for their own benifit. If you have visitors coming to the Apart/hotel, if they don't produce a photo identity card, then the management will make them wait outside the complex on the side of the road, in a bad neighbor hood. Even if you go up and identify the people as being your guest, they'll still refuse them entry! If you get in the swimming pool wearing a tank top or tee shirt, you'll be told that you have to get out of the pool as they don't allow you to wear clothing into the pool. (Although it's not posted anywhere!) But they don't allow people to protect their skin. Again, They do this knowing that american's will burn in the hot honduran sun. When you sign in, they count every thing in the apartment and don't be surprised when some of the things become missing before you check out and don't be surprised when they charge you 10 times the amount of the actual value of the item. Alex Obiols is the owner of Villa Nuria and despite having written him numerous times to try and resolve my complaint, he ignored my request. Hopefully now that I am begining to file complaints, he'll realize how serious I am about letting others know about his criminal activites, I am even in the process of putting up several sites to expose Alex Obiols Fraud, Abuse and Evil.
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VillaNuria is terrible. It's hard to think that some people actually think it's a nice place.

Obviously they haven't stayed anywhere but here.

Hopefully, if people read this then they will go elsewhere to get a hotel. Steer clear of VillaNuria


Villa Nuria was and is one of the most dangerous Hotels in San Pedro Sula. I wouldn't recommend VillaNuria to anyone.

I have noticed that VillaNuria has several sites promoting it and from the looks of the ratings, it is a good place to stay. But if your wise and I think that most readers reading this are, Please don't risk your safety by staying at VillaNuria.

It's not only dangerous but VillaNuria's staff don't care about you and don't know how to treat a customer. With all aside, VillaNuria is a rip off!


We are from Germany and use to go to Villa Nuria Apart Hotel in San Pedro Sula too, however, after so many problems we have started staying elsewhere. It is sad that they don't care about their customers.

I guess greed has taken over in this little hotel.

Now that me and a lot of others in my party have stayed at other places in San Pedro Sula, HN, I can honestly say that Villa Nuria isn't a very good or nice hotel. STAY AWAY FROM VILLA NURIA!


My church group stayed there one year and experienced the same problem. It's great that you took the time to tell everyone so that they don't make the same mistake by staying at Villa Nuria Apart Hotel

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