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My wife got me a gift certificate for Christmas to drive a stock car. I did not want to disappoint hers so I accepted the gift graciously. However not that the weather is getting better and she is asking me to schedule the event I have raised my concerns about driving the car. I have asthma and am concerned about having to wear a full face helmet. Also, concerned about being completely strapped into the car. What many people don't know about asthmatics is that they also become claustrophobic. I also checked with my doctor and she does not recommend I do it. I presented this information to a Great Americans day agent and he said they do not offer refunds (past 7 days). He offered other events which I have no interest in. I feel this is not the right way to do business since it was not even me who purchased this gift certificate. While my wife meant well,but she did not take my health concerns into consideration, nor did she speak to me about it because she wanted to surprise me. Based on this I feel I (my wife)should be given a refund.
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lol dud cant breath want's to drive NACSAR


After all, Great American Days refunded me the money. I guess I just needed to be patient a little longer.

(It's hard to do when it comes to money). Thank you GAD for your reconsideration.


After months of waiting I see now that this company has not intention of refunding me at ALL. They asked me to call them and work something out.

They agreed to refund me and 7 months later, NOTHING. Their only response is "the check is being processed.

People beware, these are not honest people working at this company. They will drag you along until the year is up.


I agree with practical, I've had the same experience with these idiots. They promised me a refund and it never came.

Beware, once they have your money... your not getting it back.

If you get sick, or have an emergency that comes up, they don't care. Your out your $$$$$


I purchased a race trip for my husband 2 weeks before his Bday. Only to find out he already registered for 2 other races in July and does not really wish to make more such trips.

I bought a Fighter experience trip from American Days a couple years back and I was happy about my experience with them that I simply didn't check return policy. It WAS different a few eyars back. I trusted them and got burned. Folks on the phone don't care about repeat business - they care about "policy" - really so short sighted...

I will complain now to Consumer protection and BBB and post everywhere I can about their "traps" that will hopefully deter others.

If management wants to contact me - you have my email on file. I find it completely impractical to offer 7 days return policy when most people purchase presents in advance of Bdays and such.


I cannot agree strongly enough with "Irish". I own a company and get this type of 'complaint' all the time. The customer is definitely not always right and it seems in this case Great American Days has simply given in, to avoid any further unjustified complaints.

If your wife took you to dinner and ordered something for you that you didn't like, would you also expect a refund for that? "My wife didn't realise I'm a vegetarian, she'd forget her head if it wasn't screwed on"

There are costs involved at every stage and you are asking other people to take responsibility for your (your wife's) actions.

You are 100% not justified in asking for a refund. Especially since they offered you an alternate experience. Think next time.


Don't post anything on this site that you may want to delete later. The *** that created this site do not respond to request to remove


My wife is not a child. She was only thinking of making me happy. Thats ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME!


Your wife should be the one to blame. Obviolusly she is a child since she did not think of your health concerns before making the purchase.


The *** that put this site up are going to cost me money. They do not respond to request to have the complaint removed.

You should know this before posting any complaints on this site. I have written a letter to them and called them numerous times in the last two weeks. NOT ONE RESPONSE.

Their is a number posted on sites (262)674****. I have tried it many times.

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