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Aspen Dental - Aspen Patients-I admit we are frauds

To all Aspen Dental patients...I would like to apologize for my short stint as office manager. I quit after allowing my Regional Manager to bully me into falsifying treatment plans and overcharging customers and insurance companies. With the job market the way it is, I was afraid to lose my job. However, after many sleepless nights, I walked out. I totally admit that my office was involved in fraudulent treatment and falsifying health records. As for my part, I did the least fraudulent things I could and as a result was written up a few times because my manager wanted me out. My manager told me that I was too compassionate and too soft because I refused to ram treatment down patients throats. I now sleep well and have made my restitution with God.
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I am so glad to find this info. I went in for a bridge and was told I needed full dentures.

I am getting a second opinion on Thursday. Psychologically, this is huge news but it was "expected" big deal from them.

The office manager basically told me it was cheaper to get the full set than do the work needed. If I find this to be incorrect, you can bet I will take action and it won't be pretty!!


Another current Aspen Dental employe eposting as a patient. For what reason?

To try to head off lawsuits by gaining rapport with real patients and advising settle, settle settle.

This is riduculous and another example of the type company Aspen has become. Look elsewhere for real denistry.


saw the proof. pres of Aspen opened email from canada relay so did this *** or what ever it is.

DOWN WITH ASPEN and it's underhanded lowlife tactics. This should be on ABC NBC and CBS


this is ALSO a current ASPEN DENTAL employee!! can prove it!! They opened email from an acct opened by aspen management.


If you would be so kind as to contact me at adc6@***.edu I need to ask some more questions of you. I believed a long time ago that Aspen was a fraud when it came to their billing practices.

You have proved that and I believe that what you wrote about your treatment as an employee there was against many labor laws as well. I do not think that those who work for Aspen in the same capacity as you did realize that there are laws that hold them responsible for their actions. Meaning this . .

. if they ( Aspen ) have trianed you to peform these fraudulant acts and you agree to do them, then you are as responsible as they and you can be held monitarily responsible for damages as well. One thing for you to do now to protect yourself is to write a letter or better yet, contact the Attorney General of your state (I hope it is NY) and relate to them what you know. You are protected by whistle blower laws on both the State and Federal levels.

I think that with the new laws governing health care under the new Obamma Health Care Bill that was just passed things will get done and quickly. I applaud your courage and for regaining your conscience. Now please, if you would contact me .

. .


No shi- they're a bunch of frauds. You shold see what they did to a woman I go to church with it's a crime!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Please contact me at newsismybus@***.com. I am putting together a story which will I've been assured will be picked up by the wires,not just my local paper, about a woman who went into an Aspen office in no pain and 4-5 months later is still in pain all to just improve the LOOK of her teeth. I would love your input.

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